On the Road…

Mashburn’s Out!

I just wanted to pop online before we head out of town for the Thanksgiving Holidays and let you know that we are “outta here”!!!

We just finished packing the truck up, and now we are getting ready to go pickup the kids from school.

Unfortunately…for us to be gone for 9 days we really need a truck like this…

Hey…what can I say? We are South Floridians who are driving up to Alabama for Thanksgiving…it’s COLD there right now. (Actually it is cold anywhere north of Orlando for us) Cold weather means lots of clothes, right??? And…a girl has GOT to have “options”, right?

Pray for us as we blaze our way back home to the “south”…we are truly looking forward to getting back into the country, kicking off our shoes, hanging out by the fire, and spending time with family.

I will be bringing my laptop (of course!…I might have blogging withdrawls or something if I didn’t) and writing from Brenda’s (mother in love) back porch (Views From the Back Porch) for the next week or so.

Happy Trails,


  1. Jennifer, Ivy, Juliana…

    Thanks for your well wishes and prayers! We had a safe and great trip up here, now we are sitting back and relaxing for a bit.


  2. I’m from northwest florida and now live in Birmingham. I am LOVING the idea that there really are seasons! Hope you guys have a great trip!

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