We’re In Alabama!!!!!

(Sweet Home Alabama…)

I am so tired of being in the car (it was a 12 hour car ride and that dually limo would have come in handy over the last day and a half), but I am so excited about being here in Alabama. This morning I sat out on Brenda’s back porch, enjoyed the crisp fall weather, and thanked God for the blessings in my life.

Living in South Florida we do not have the privelege of having many other seasons other than summer, sad, but true, and my favorite season is FALL, so as we were driving up here I went camera crazy in the car and took tons of pictures of the trees and colors of the season. (Here is one below that I took from the car)

I can’t wait to share with you some of the fun of our trip, as well as share with you the continuation of the series (Life Lessons from the Wizard of Oz…next we are going to be visiting with the Scarecrow).

We are off to church (I am so thankful to be back in the Bible belt!!!) and then to a great big lunch with family and friends! (I LOVE the south!!!)

Be Back Soon,


  1. Hey! Have fun in Alabama and I will do my tag part sometime next week! Too busy with Thanksgiving and such!!! Have a great week!

  2. Have a fabulous time!! Wow, that was a long drive. The same hours to fly from Auckland to Los Angeles!

  3. Nickernoodle…
    I will look forward to reading your tag stuff next week.

    Holy smokes batman, that really puts things into perspective. That is crazy…;)


  4. Hey girl,
    I wish we could have bumped into eachother as we crossed paths! Someday friend!


  5. Sue,
    That would have been SO awesome!!! When are you guys heading back up North? (Oh well…we still have lots to talk about with the “c”).

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