Hanging in Alabama

Over the last three days I have struggled to get online…which stinks in some ways, and has also been a blessing in others. We are loving our time in Alabama and I wanted to take a minute to catch you up on what we’ve been up to over the last couple of days.

Tuesday was a day Golf for the guys (see Matt’s blog for pics of their outing) and shopping for the ladies. My mother in love picked up the kids and took them home so they would be spared from the “torture” of shopping all day. heehee!

Wednesday we all packed up and headed to the hills a bit to spend the day at Matt’s granny’s house. She has been in the same house for 39 years, it is a family tradition to be there for Thanksgiving. We all went up to get the “field” ready for family football and to help put up her Christmas tree for everyone to decorate on Thanksgiving day.

After a long day of cutting wood, putting up trees, cutting the grass (the field needed to be “just right” for the BIG game), raking the leaves, and getting the bon fire ready the kids took a few minutes (actually more like seconds) to pose for a picture.

Bailey is on the far left and Nick is right beside him…all the other cool kids in the truck are my nieces and nephews and Matt’s cousin Chuck’s daughter Anna is on the far right.

Thurday was the BIG DAY…all the Mashburn’s from across the states head over to Granny’s house for a ton of food, lots of games, bon fires, and front yard family football. Here is a quick pic of the game. Matt has a lot more pics on his blog (click here to see them) from the game.

All in all it has been a very busy couple of days…I pray that your Thanksgiving was FULL of family, fun, and turkey!!!

We are packing up our stuff right now…the worst part about vacation is that it….HAS to end! We will be heading out of Alabama this afternoon after we have dinner with the family again (we like to do that!) and heading out to Cordele, GA. Please pray for us as we head back down to South Florida.

Thankful for the Holidays,

OH, one more thing….for all the Auburn fans out there…
WAR EAGLE!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Hey Mel, are you back from your big drive? Thanks for your lovely comments, I adore nature so much 🙂 (not to be confused with naturists though LOL)

  2. Hey Karen,

    You make me laugh!!! YEP…we pulled in about 5 hours ago, unpacked, started the laundry, put away all the luggage, and are hanging out watching the BIG football game (college…Auburn, AL vs. University of Alabama). Dh is a HUGE Auburn fan!!!

    I will be back online tomorrow with some pics, updates, and other cool vacation insights (I hope).


  3. Looks like such fun ! I miss having Thanksgiving with my family !! (I’m American but living in Australia …) Among my favorite of memories are Thanksgiving dinners at my Aunt Ang’s house ! Watching football with full bellies …

    Thanks for the comments on my blog. I know what you mean about babies always being babies even when they are grown up !

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