War Eagle

For all the Auburn Tiger fans out there (sorry Bama fans) I just wanted to take a quick minute (in honor of my husband and his beloved dedication to his favorite team in the WHOLE wide world).

We left Alabama a little early on Friday night so that we could be home (it is always better to watch a BIG game in the comfort of your own home) to watch the IRON BOWL. Here’s the deal…for anyone born, raised, or affiliated with the state of Alabama this is a BIG DEAL!!! Last night was the game and after much yelling at the tv, high fives, and tense moments…Auburn walked away with their 6th win in a row (affectionately called a 6 pack) of the Iron Bowl series.

Needless to say there was a party going on at my house and after a long vacation to Alabama it was a great way to tie up the best family Thanksgiving vacation ever!
War Eagle,


  1. How fun !! I can feel the excitement in your words !

    Where in the States am I from ? Good question … My parents grew up in Ohio but my Dad enlisted in the US Navy just before they married so we moved all over. I was born in Spain, moved to Italy when I was 4, moved to Maryland when I was in the 1st grade, moved back to Spain in the 4th grade, moved to Canada in the 7th grade, moved back to Spain in the 9th grade, moved to Japan 1/2 way through the 12th grade. Moved to Colorado when I turned 21 and then to Australia at 24 after I married my Australin husband who I met in Japan. SO … I tell people I am from Colorado which is where my parents retired to and the only place in the States where I’ve lived as an adult !!! It’s just easier than explaining this whole story !!! ha ha.

  2. I take it this is college American Football?

    My husband and I got into the NFL a while back. We even saw the SF49ers play Detroit at 3Com park. Kinda lost touch with it now. But it sounds like your hubby is keen the way my other half is when Liverpool, his football (Soccer) team play. The Mersey derby is when Liverpool and Everton play and it’s a big deal too.

    Your pics of your trip in Alabama looked lovely.
    As you say, holidays are over all too quickly.!

    It was an awesome game. We were up untill about 2am. we could not sleep we were so excited. I am actually wearing one of my husband’s Auburn t-shirts today. GO TIGERS!!!!

  4. Bonnie,
    I hope you have tacks in the maps from all the cool places you have been. I will, one day, be traveling to all those places you mentioned. In time, of course.

    Isn’t it funny how our “men” (in any country) are so into their sports. Ah, but if it makes them happy, it makes me happy too!

    You are STILL wearing your colors? You are one great wife…don’t tell my husband that, he will want me to start doing that too! 😉


  5. OMG(osh)! I guess this is the answer about your Thanksgiving vacation! Awesome! What rollicking fun!

    Savor the moments, Chica!

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