Who’s the boss?

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Boy, do I SO have trouble with the “who’s the boss” thing, and I don’t mean like the Tony Danza kind of trouble. God made me a strong and vocal chick and well…sometimes it is not always easy to remember that I am NOT the boss.

Let’s dive right into this past week’s Book Study lesson.

Page 119 of the book was so awesome, check it out.

“Because I belong to Jesus, I have been given authority.
But I have to choose to exercise the authority that has been given to me.
I can use it to fight my fight as the warrior I have been called to be.
Or I can lie down and be defeated (NEVER, Melissa)
My choice. (Amen sister, Melissa)”

Page 129, “Warriors are committed to fighting today’s battle.”

Oh, you are gonna love this part on Page 130 where it says,

So much of my anxiety came from my worries about “what if.” What ifs are not questions for this moment. And you and I have been made to have faith in this moment. NOW! Once I realized that all I had to do was have faith for this moment, then peace came. I did not need to know the answers to all of my what ifs. I just needed the strength to get through the present day’s treatment.” (That is so stinkin’ true, isn’t it?)

Remember…Warriors do not whine!

Take some time to answer some of these questions about this week’s chapter:

#1 – Picture Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane. What does His submission to the Father mean for you? How does it make you feel to know He loves you so much that He was willing to yield His life for you?

#2 – Can you lay down your agenda, your time, your love and yeild for the sake of the well-being of others?

#3 – We have been given authority to make decisions. Name a time you made a decision that was not the best for your life. How did that affect your life?

#4 – Name a time you made a great decision. How did that choice enrich your life and the lives of those around you?

#5 – What do you really need in your life? Forgiveness, affection at home, friendship? How can you begin to sow the seed that will yield a rich harvest of what you need?

Ladies, even if you are not reading the book with us you can still participate. The words above have touched some of you and God has laid something on your heart.
Take a look at these questions above and share which one has been written for you and why.

Not the Boss,


  1. Oh, Mel! I am SOO with you on this! I have come far….but I still struggle with this at home more than anywhere. Where mine pops up most is I catch myself jumping in to conversations I perceive to be going badly btwn my husband and son (either of them, usually the younger now, but when the 23 yr old was younger then it was him) anyway, God & I & the guys & I have had many conversations about this…I know God will get me there…but ooooo How vexing to do the same thing over & over!

    Love this! Thanks so much!

    I hope your Thanksgiving travel was grand!


  2. Hi Mel,

    I guess questions 3 and 5 leapt out at me.
    Q3 firstly because I have made very poor decisions and they are still affecting me now because I chose to believe my own thoughts over God’s plan for my life and to seek my way rather than His. Even after we have prayed for forgiveness, we sometimes cannot avoid the consequences of our choices.
    Q5 because I believe that I need to grow in my faith, to return to God as the prodigal daughter that I am, and learn about the Father’s love for me.

    The Memory Verse Monday is a part of that progression.

    Thanks for this
    Not the Boss also

  3. Boy this is a tough one. I think that as a Christian, one of the hardest things we have to do is to really and truly surrender yourself to God. When I say surrender I mean to truly give up all control (control that we never had in the first place but chose to think we did). Once we truly understand that no matter how much we stress, or fret or get angry or sad or hurt that it is all ultimately up to God. We have to give ourselves up to FAITH and that is a very difficult thing to do. I still struggle with this every day. Even though I know that God will always provide whatever I need I still worry and lose sleep over things going on in my life. This book has really reinforced to me that stress and worry are such useless things in life….Faith is much more appealing to me! I challenge all the warrior chicks to throw stress and worry out the window and truly embrace Faith!


  4. FreeToFly:
    I can not even begin to tell you how many times I have repeated and repeated the same lesson. I hate that about myself…but I guess on some things I am just a slow learner. Ha!

    Keep learning, keep studying, and keep God’s Word on your heart…it really does make a difference. You will be surprised at how much you will go back to it.

    I never really realized just HOW MUCH I stress about “stuff” and never completely “lay it at the cross”. We are all learning! 😉

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