Watch out Raleigh, NC, HERE I COME

Thank you so much to everyone who prayed for my friend Shannon, for our water heater, and for me to make the bed. (Joylene asked if that was actually my bed in the last post, and unfortunately no it is not…but it is abolutely beautiful so I had to put it there!).

So, GUESS WHAT?!?!!?

I am leaving,

I am outta here,

I’ve packed my bags (well…not yet) and I am going to…

Nope, not New York

Raleigh, North Carolina!!!!

I can hardly stand myself at this point. I am psyched about getting away for the weekend and hanging out with one of my cool chick friends at her new house. We used to be in ministry together and she moved away recently to Raleigh, NC for a terrific new opportunity for husband. Man…what a blessing it has already been for her family being there.

So, when she called and said, “Hey Mel, sounds like you need a chick weekend…why don’t you come up and hang here in NC for a little bit?” I was like OH YEAH, I am SO there!!! I am leaving on Friday afternoon for the weekend (thank you dh for being so awesome about this!) but I will still have my laptop (can’t leave home without it…it’s like my AMEX card!) with me.

So, here is my official warning to the Raleigh, NC area….MEL’S WORLD is coming to YOUR WORLD, so be ready!!! (HaHaHa!)

Any of you super cool blogger chicks in that area let me know what I MUST do while I am there, only been to NC once and that is because my plane got delayed overnight in the Charlotte area (not fun!). We are going to be going to her new church Lifepointe Church on Sunday (really looking forward to hearing a good Word while we are there!)

Getting to get outta here for a bit,


  1. Have a great time and tell her I say HI 🙂 Enjoy your weekend..and make your bed every day. Love Jules

  2. Hey Melissa,
    I will give you a hug right back 🙂

    Praying for you, too and asking God to be huge on your trip to NC!

    BTW, I didn;t have your email, but I had to add something to the recipes for the Kaleidoscope cookies (like how long to cook them and how hot and such…hee hee!).
    Much love,

  3. Deb,
    Thanks! I am going with high hopes of being quite and still with God for awhile!

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