Ready or Not…

Warrior Chicks
Chapter 9
Ready or Not
Ok, so I am about 5 days behind on the post for the weekly Book Study we are doing, but I am hoping by Monday I will be all caught up.
I am leaving tomorrow (after our Book Study) to go to Raleigh for the weekend, but should have all the Warrior Chicks book study notes up by Monday (12/10) in the afternoon. (thanks so much for your patience!)
On page 140 Holly Wagner writes, “In life, we will fumble (we WILL). Even when we are fully engaged, we will make mistakes. Even if our heart is after God’s, we will face our own limitations. Maybe in God’s eyes, we are not much different from the little puppy. He knows we are doing our best to train for eternity.” (emphasis mine)

“Training doesn’t guarantee that we will never fail. But it does guarantee that we will get back up and do the right thing.”

For a great video on mistakes and not giving up, go and visit this post from my friend Sue over at Praise and Coffee (oh, and don’t forget to sign up for her December Give Away).

Let’s jump right in to the Book Study Questions…
1) In what area are you currently training?
– to stay in the World
– working at being my best at all times
– learning to be patient

2) What kind of focus has that required?

3) Since mistakes are inevitable, how can you offer yourself grace while training?
– pick myself up every time I fall
– keep trying
– knowing that you’re moving forward one step at a time
– realizing you are going to blow it every once and awhile and giving yourself grace
– believe in yourself
– allowing grace in every situation

4) What have you done right as a parent (and yes, there is at least one thing!)?
– giving my kids security (love and stability)
– my kids are respectful
– my kids love to help people (they raised over a thousand dollars and started a “Cents for Tsunami” campaign throughout the neighborhood and school

5) Can you add to your daily routine one thing that will lead you toward optimum health? (Like drinking two more glasses of water or maybe a shot of wheatgrass?)

6) Be aware of the world around you. Is there anything you should pay more attention to?
– me, I take care of all the plates and forget that I need to take care of me
– If you don’t take care of yourself you can’t take care of others
– The people that I have in my life – I need to surround myself with people who will lift me up.

7) What is in your hand that seems little? How can you be faithful so that God can increase your capacity?
– wisdom – wish I had the ability to know what to say at the right time
– to be more creative, I am so not creative

I am going to leave you with some amazing words from the book on page 153…”But the real high life does not consist of endless achievements, worthless goal setting and people pleasing. It’s all about a life rooted in God. It is knowing who you are in Him, knowing the purpose for which you have been created and staying committed to working that out.

Day in and day out.

Rain or shine.

When it’s easy and when it’s not.”

Ladies, I don’t care where you are or what you are doing…you are in a battle…are you,

Ready or not…

Battle Ready,


  1. I really enjoyed this post, thanks Mel.
    Hope you have a great time in Raleigh (South Carolina? or is that North?)

  2. Thanks Bunny…it is in North Carolina! I just checked the weather and it is 80 here in Ft. Lauderdale and 55 in Raleigh…Yippee!!!

  3. YAY! I got my package on Thursday. thank you soooo much. I will post on this tomorrow. Thank you thank you thank you!

  4. Mel, great post as always!

    I just have to say this-look:

    “wisdom – wish I had the ability to know what to say at the right time
    – to be more creative, I am so not creative “

    Your blog is definitely one of the more creative I travel to. I have always admired the very unique style that is yours. AND – your are a teacher! Hello! You speak wisdom! He puts it in your mouth and heart – you kindly, faithfully and bravely share it with us….

    Thanks for sharing your gifts with us!

    P.S. Loved the words about the high life too!

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