What Makes You a Good Friend?

I totally love having friends…

sometimes they can let you down,

sometimes they lift you UP,

and always they are a gift from God!

I just took this fun little blog things quiz…check it out!

You Are a Good Friend Because You’re Honest

Like it or not, your friends are going to hear the truth from you.You know that the truth hurts, but living a life of lies is much worse.

So while you’re definitely kind and supportive, you don’t pull any punches with your friends.Everyone knows where they stand with you. And what you like and dislike about them.

While some may be initially turned off by your honesty, your friends have come to consider it a virtue.After all, in world of white lies and deceptive politeness, you can be counted on for honesty and integrity.

Your friends need you most when: They need good advice or an intelligent opinion

You really can’t be friends with: Needy, emotional people

Your friendship quote: “True friendship can afford true knowledge. It does not depend on darkness and ignorance.”

If you get a chance pop over and take the quiz…it’s a great way for al lof us to get to know each other…


Your Friend,


  1. Great post! I took the test and my answer was the same as yours,hmmm. I believe to have great friends you need to be one. whats the scripture? Iron sharpens Iron?!! Oh Yeah:)

  2. what a fun quiz…we sound like the same kind of friends…:)

    have a great weekend! ๐Ÿ˜‰


  3. loved your little friendship quiz…. here’s my results ๐Ÿ™‚

    You Are a Good Friend Because You’re Supportive
    You are almost like a life coach for your best friends.
    You give them help when they need it… but you also know when to give them a push.

    People tend to rely on you for moral support and advice.
    You’ve probably always been mature for your age, so this is a role that’s you’re comfortable with.

    A friend like you is one of the rarest kinds.
    You are both a good mentor and companion.

    Your friends need you most when: They are confused or worried

    You really can’t be friends with: Someone who only wants to complain

    Your friendship quote: “The only way to have a friend is to be one.”

  4. I love being a friend to people. I’m very choosy about who I become friends with…you know, beyond mutual acquaitance. I don’t beat around the bush and I value honesty. Not everyone likes going below the surface…the friendships I have I cherish. Thanks for your post.

  5. Laughing, full of Giggles, and excited to see that at our core we all want to be a good friend.

    God is SO good (all the time).

    I am so thankful to all my new Bloggy friends and for the friends God keeps bringing into my life (new and old).


    PS – Raleigh is ABSOLUTELY stunning…I am falling in love with it here! (Sorry dh…might have to go look for a house tomorrow) heehee!

  6. Hey Mel, I bet if I met you in the “real” world we would be “real world friends” Fun Quiz, I will have to go check it out.


  7. Mel,

    I got the same results as you. Says I am a good friend because I’m honest. Sometimes people may think I am too honest with them but I feel that in the long run, honesty is better than just telling someone what they want to hear.

  8. This is me ๐Ÿ™‚
    You Are a Good Friend Because You’re Accepting

    No matter what a friend says or does, you try your best to understand it.
    And your friends feel like they can tell you anything. You don’t judge.

    You know that friendship is a journey – with a lot of ups and downs.
    If you and a friend grow apart, you get over it quickly… and leave the potential for future friendship open.

    You tend to have many friends from many walks of life. Anyone you meet is could become a friend.
    In fact, you are especially interested in people who are a little different than you. Seeing life from another perspective is something you cherish.

    Your friends need you most when: They can’t turn to anyone else with their secrets

    You really can’t be friends with: Dogmatic, stubborn people

    Your friendship quote: “Love is blind, but friendship closes its eyes.”

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