More Than

Warrior Chicks
Chapter 10
More Than

It totally stinks that we are nearing the end of this awesome book. I really don’t want it to end, and yet again, I have been so blessed with the words and wisdom in this book that I was also in a hurry to get to the end (does that make sense?)

This Chapter on MORE THAN didn’t let me down…

She says on page 156,
At one time or another, we have all been victims of something.
From the “not so big deal” to “the devastating”.
What is a victim?
The American Heritage Dictionary calls a victim “one who is harmed or made to suffer; a person who is tricked, swindled or taken advantage of.”

Pull in what she says on page 158 and it ties it up nicely…
Being a victim is heartbreaking.
Hearing stories makes me cry.
Now, we must begin the sometimes long journey out.
The journey out of being a victim.
I am not saying it will be easy.
I am not saying it will be without pain.
And we will need other warriors to help us.
But we can do it.
We can.”

I gotta keep going on this…
Check it out (or better yet, BUY the book…) on page 167.
Yes, you were a victim.
Yes, bad things happened to you.
Please deal with the stuff in your heart so that you can become an overcomer.
Let go.
You will never be able to change what happened to you.
But you do have the power to create your future.
A future unhindered by the pain of yesterday.
But only if you want it!”

Here are the Study Questions (with answers from the Friday Chicks from Starbucks):
1) What have you been a victim of?

– Child Abuse
– Negativity
– Fear
– Anxiety
– (You go through pain for a purpose)
– (The fire is a part of the refining process)
2) What did you do to survive?
– Spent time in prayer
– Christian Counseling
– Time in HIS word

3) Will you make the decision to overcome?
– Yes, like the Gloria Gaynor song…”I WILL survive!”
– Yes…but it will take time

4) What will it take?
5) One way to begin the journey as an overcomer is to help others who have been through a similar ordeal survive. Name someone in your life whom you can help.

– Mentoring program
– Friends and family
– I can pray and ask God to show me whom I can pour into

6) Think of a situation right now in which you are a victim or a survivor. How can you be an overcomer?
– I’m a victim of my mouth
– Too personal to write, but talked about in group
7) Call your friend and tell her your story.

Not the Victim Anymore…

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  1. This looks so good ! I think, if you do this again, I will join up ! I didn’t start reading your blog til after you were already started on this and I didn’t want to join in the middle … now I sort of wish I had ! 🙂

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