1. Yep…that’s my kitty, his name is Willie. The kids bought him a tie and he’s decided that he wants to wear it all the time.


  2. Sorry! I JUST now saw the header – I had seen everything else!

    IT IS SO SOOL! Yes, I was yelling! Can you hear me from St Augustine?

    Just had to tell you that!


  3. I have a feeling our cat, Daniel would love your cat. They seem to have the same disposition…. lol

  4. I am so glad you responded and told me a little about your career decision. I just posted a detailed concern I have that is related to this. I’m not used to asking for advice so much. That has been a downfall for me in the past. I’m trying to be different and actually open up and be more transparent, rather than being “I’m fine” when anyone asks….When you have time, let me know your thoughts on “Huge Step.”

  5. Cute cat! We just got a kitty in September – boy do they grow fast! He’s been such a joy (except when he discovered my hubby’s pheasants).

  6. Now that’s one classy cat!

    Girl, next year you have to do the Christmas tour, I had over 600 vistis the first day!
    Boy do my carpets need cleaning! 🙂

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