It’s C-C-C-old in South Florida

(Here is the view from our atrium)
Hello Winter…it is SO nice that you have finally paid a visit to South Florida. In the past month we have only had one small touch of winter and that only lasted a couple of days, and even then, it was chilly, but not COLD!!!

Well, that’s not the case right now cause it is pretty stinkin’ cold out right now! Now, here me on this, I know all y’all North of the Florida state line are laughing hysterically right now, but being that I have lived in the humid South Florida heat for the last 20 years my cold tolerance is obviously very low! (I know I know, it serves me right since I posted so many beach pictures of our family on Christmas day and week).

Check out what we are dealing with tonight and early tomorrow morning…keep in mind that yesterday at 12:30pm it was 86 degrees outside…so now you know why we are shivering the day after we were sweating…talk about a quick change!

Wed, January 2
9pm – Clear / Wind48°F
10pm – Clear / Wind46°F
11pm – Clear / Wind44°F

Thu, January 3
12am – Clear43°F
1am – Clear42°F
2am – Clear41°F
3am – Mostly Cloudy41°F
4am – Mostly Cloudy40°F
5am – Mostly Cloudy39°F
6am – Few Showers39°F

You know what though…this ch-ch-chilly weather is great for roasting marshmallows by the fire…so off I go to burn another one!

Hope you are all keeping warm,


  1. I hope it warms up soon for you! I know that when I was in South Carolina earlier this year I was dying from the heat and humidty because I’m not used to that. It all depends on what you are used to.
    It is in the 20’s here in Michigan, but that is normal for us at this time of year.
    Good luck – throw on a sweatshirt and grab a cup of hot chocolate!

  2. Happy New Year Mel. It is cold for Florida. We are experiencing low temps here in Tenn. too. Tonight it is supposed to be 19. Those marshmellows looks great but a little too cold to roast outside tonight.

  3. It’s cold here in Oklahoma too, but I’m surprised it’s that cold there! We were in Orlando in October and I was telling my son (bailey 13) last night I wished we were in Orlando where it was warm! Little did I know huh? Enjoy the chill.

  4. Brrrr…it was cold and windy here today too. Even my tennis girls decided not to play this morning.

    Yum…I love to roast marshmallows.

    Guess what…George has planned a trip to Marco Island later this month. Some friends from Atlanta are meeting us there. Can’t wait.


  5. You crack me up!!
    The funny thing is that we are supposed to be in the 50’s on Sunday after getting a foot of snow two days ago!

    Pass the smores please!

  6. Mari,
    20’s…can’t imagine! Everyone in South Florida would literally be frozen still. Ha!

    Bundle up…19 is too cold to roast, I agree!

    Yeah, it’s pretty cold in Orlando as well right now. I can remember many family trips to Disney World where we ran from ride to ride because it was so cold (in the 40’s) outside. HEY! I have a son named BAILEY too!

    YEAH!!! You are going to MARCO!!! You must be SO excited!!! We didn’t get to each at the Snook Inn, but if you get a chance go to Cocomo’s anf order the Cocomo Bread…YUMMY!

    Seriouslyl…this is COLD, but thank goodness we don’t have snow. Although, apparently it did snow in South Florida in 86 and the people STILL talk about it.

  7. It was so cold this morning – my curls were trying to freeze. I know what you’re thinking… I shouldn’t be leaving the house with a wet head anyway…but hey I’m from the Midwest, so I can handle it…besides who has time to blowdry?! Stay warm! Happy New Year Mel!!!

  8. Hey Mel…get those coats out. Save me a marshmellow and don’t foget the hot cocoa. Jules

  9. Love the pic for roasting marshmellows! I will NEVER outgrow my love for those! 🙂

    This cracked me up! As I am sure you knew! “I know all y’all North of the Florida state line are laughing hysterically right now, but being that I have lived in the humid South Florida heat for the last 20 years my cold tolerance is obviously very low!”

    Tee-hee! 🙂

  10. Mel,

    I’ve been watching your blog to see if you posted anything about Auburn’s AUsome win against Clemson. I originally found your blog on google after searching for War Eagle! Thanks for the inspiration and I look forward to reading more…

    War Eagle!

  11. Mel, we left our home in Georgia with a nice cold temp of 17. How about that for a chick from SOuth Florida. Freezing my toes….

    We’ll be back soon.


  12. Sorry – can’t say I feel too sorry for you – I would love those warmer temps! We have been hovering around the 0-20 degree mark (which my husband thinks is balmy).

    Happy New Year! God’s blessings to you and your family in 2008!

  13. Mel, you are funny!! I don’t feel sorry for you, your enjoying it with Marshmallows!! how fun!! you will be warm way before we will, so grab a blanket and snuggle. have fun!!!!!

  14. LOL – you sound like me, Mel 🙂 We turn our heater on at night because the temps drop below 60. Although the days are great – the night are very chilly.

    Blessings to you and yours in 2008 and beyond.

  15. Ok Ok…I admit it…I know nothing about true COLD weather, but seriously, this is COLD…right?

    Now, next week it will be back in the 70’s and 80’s and I will be whining (sad, but probably true) that it is hot again.

    Thanks for your suggestions, hibernation by Monkey Giggles, snuggling by Free to Fly, and Roasting more marshmallows.

    In my layers of clothes…

  16. Happy New Year, Mel! I am kind of liking the cooler temps (but now it’s nearly 70 today here in GA!) Stay warm!

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