The Books I am Reading

So, by now, some of you are wondering WHY do I keep coming back into Mel’s World, she clearly isn’t “NORMAL”, but I am so glad that you did!

I know I have been on a “Book Kick” in my posts, but hang with me here…it will end tomorrow with the first post from the GET OUT OF THAT PIT Online Book Group, really…it will.

Here’s the deal, I have always LOVED books, but didn’t necessarily love reading so I had to figure out how to capitalize on my love of books and learning AND also sit down and read…and here’s what happened.

Dh (who is a genius) came up with this great plan for his reading and I have adapted it for my reading as well…and who knows, maybe it will be just what you need to get to reading again!

Every day I read 6 books (preferably in the morning)…but I only read them for about 5-10 minutes each. Yep…not too long, not too short. I tend get antsy after a bit and need to move on, so this works perfect for me.

Here’s what I am reading…
Everday Blessings (Daily Devotional) by Max Lucado
Leadership Promises for Every Day (Daily Devotional) by John Maxwell
Holy Bible (NLT) – reading through Judges right now
Parents Guide to Teen Health, Raising Physically & Emotionally Healthy Teens by Focus on the Family
The Journey (How to live by faith in an uncertain world) by Billy Graham
Going All the Way (preparing for a marriage that goes the distance) by Craig Groeschel
– Journal time

You see, nothing profound about my equation until you actually dissect WHAT I read…

– I read the two daily devotionals to prepare my heart and mind for reading my Bible.
– I read the Good Word to focus my thoughts on His way for my day.
– I read the Parents book because my kids mean everything to me and I want to be a great mom!
– I read the spiritual health book (Billy Graham) to strengthen my faith/spiritual life.
– I read the Marriage book because nothing is more important in the whole world than being the best wife I can be for my dear hubby.
– then I journal (not always) my thoughts, ideas, or whatever God says to me throughout this time.

I also have other books that I have started and am reading, but they are only picked up when the others are read and there happens to be a “spare moment” (Which, by the way, my blogging has taken most of, can you relate?).

Here are the other books that have been cracked open, dog eared, and ready for me to get off the computer…
– Made to Stick, by Chip & Dan Heath
– Finding God’s path through your trials, Elizabeth George (LOVE HER! I also am doing the study with it…a very sweet friend gave this to me)
– Coaching Your Kids to be Leaders, by Pat Williams
– Getting Things Done, by David Allen
– Divine Nobodies, by Jim Palmer

Now, enough about me and my books…what are you reading and what is your favorite book?

Your Librarian,


  1. I read a lot of novels.

    I do enjoy a good teaching book too but find it’s not the first choice when I have time to sit and read ! But … this little system of yours could work. Maybe not SIX books ! Maybe a couple though. My routine is a little different though. I read my Bible at night normally. Mornings are too crazy. Kids wanting to eat and all that !! The night is the quietest time for us ! Anyway … I might try reading a different book as well for 5-10 minutes too ! Good thinkin’ Mel … Or should I say Mel’s genius dh !!

  2. Wow, thats a lot of books!!
    This is what I am reading now:

    Grace for the moment(Max Lucado)
    Beyond the Veil(Alice Smith)
    Oh yeah, I have to buy Get out of that pit yet, so I will have to catch up.
    God Bless.

  3. Bonnie,
    When I first started reading more often I read at night too. When the kids went to bed was the only “me” time I had.

    How is that book, Grace for the Moment? I might have to get that one!


  4. Mel, Grace for the moment is a devotional, and its great!! How is Every day blessings?? I might check it out. Love Max Lucado!!

  5. I love your “formula,” I could actually see that working for me too.

    I read a daily devo book by andrew wommack, and the bible. I have Jan Karon’s new book and hope to start it soon.

  6. Well, I have several that have been in progress for a while. The only ones I am actively reading at this time are, the Bible, Perelandra by C.S. Lewis (2nd in a triology), and My Daily Guideposts Devotional (LOVE IT!).

    My studying, writing, home schooling (which require much reading not listed) and now blogging, have eaten in to my reading time some. So have my eyes, as the past year they fatigue much more quickly. And finally, I am going through this thing, where I feel impressed to not want to settle too much for what others have to say, I’m just really focused on the Word, that there is so much left unlearned (and I only have so much time)…Yikes, I can’t really put it into words..this will have to do though! 🙂

    Your organization & discipline are very admirable. I really like your choices!

  7. I am actually alot like you. I have several devotional. Word for the day.. I have a hard copy and often check it on line too. I have a devotional bySpurgeon. For years and years I read Oswald Chambers “My Utmost for His Highest” so I am taking a few years off to broaden my horizons!!!

    I am finishing Amy Grants book Mosaic and Holliness in the Hidden pLaces by Joni Eareckson.

    I just borrow some christian novels from a friend for “relaxed” reading and I usually have a teaching book of some sort going on marriage, raising children etc…

    I do tend to read a little of all of them… and like you said blogging has really eaten into my reading time and often covers a bunch of topics just as interesting and appropriate as the normal book reading!

    I am glad to know thta I am not the only one who jumps around with books..I too get ansy pantsy

  8. Reading the Chronilogical Bible, The Horse and His Boy by CS Leiwes aloud to our familiy at night, just finished Sabrina by Lori Wick, Slightly Bad Girls of the Bible by Liz Curtis Higgs and Savoring the Savior by John Piper.

    I love to read! There are many things I have started and want to finish in the next few months, like Captivating by John and Stasi Eldredge, Downpour by James Macdonald and Have a Mary Spirit by Joanna Weaver.

    Have a blessed day, Mel!!

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