Get Out of That Pit – Chapter 1

Hey There Pit Partners, Welcome to Week 1, Chapter 1 of the Online Book Group of the book by Beth Moore, “Get out of the Pit”.

I just got home from the first LIVE! group meeting and I have to tell you that I am excited! I mean pumped! I mean totally and completely stoked at what God is going to do (here me on this…He is already working on you!) through this book group!

Every week when I get home I will pop online write a couple of key “highlighter” moments from the chapter (not much…I want you to pick up the book for yourself) and then dive right into the Personal Application Questions at the back of the book.

When we discuss the personal application questions I will not be putting only my answers, but the LIVE! group’s answers as well. I can’t wait to get you guys, all my super cool bloggy chicks, plugged in on the topic too! So, enough babbling…let’s dive in!

One of my favorite highlighter moments was on page 13 where Beth says…”I’ve come to the conclusion that vastly more people are miserable than not (Amen Sister!). Far more feel defeated than victorius.” …then she goes on to say this on the same page, “I’ve also come to the conclusion that some pits are just decorated to look prettier than others. Don’t let anybody kid you, though. A pit is a pit! That’s the trouble. Too often we don’t recognize a pit when we’re in one. So why would we think we need to get out?

There are 3 ways to know you are in a pit…
1) You Feel Stuck, 2) You Can’t Stand, 3) You’ve Lost Vision

Personal Application Questions
1) From what you’ve learned in this chapter, would you say you’re now – or have been – in a pit? Describe how that feels – or felt at the time.
-Yes, I am in a pit now
– Yes, I have been in the pit before
– When you get into a pit and then finally make it out you realize that you can grow through the pit.

2) Have you ever been – or are you now – a “mobile pit dweller”? If so, what was/is the nature of your mobile pit, and where did/do you take it?
– In the past I have been known to carry it with me wherever I go.
– I tend to put up a good mask for society but when I am home I fall apart and go back into the pit, so I tend to overbook my schedule so I don’t have to be in the pit.
– Guilt has been my mobile pit

3) “The closet confinement of a pit exhausts us with the endless echo of self-absorption.” Do you resonate with this statement? If so, why?
– yes, you can get caught up in the “Eeyore” syndrome…”thanks for noticing” very easily
– you feed yourself in pity
– this is one of the devil’s tricks to keep you there in the pit
– sometimes I get stuck in the “if only” thought process…if only this, then I would be ____

4) “Some of us recognize our pits, not only by the degree of our badness, but by the degree of our boredom.” Reflect on the “degree of boredom” in your own life and whether or not it’s an indication that you may be in a pit.
– One friend joked that she wanted to be “bored” ha!
– I’m in the process of a new passion but also battle with the boredom of insignificance
– I tend to pull back away from everything and everyone when I get into the pit

5) What hope do the words os Pslam 40 offer to you personally in terms of the pit you may be in?
Psalm 40:1-3 says…”I waited patiently for the Lord; he turned to me and heard my cry. He lifted me out of the slimy pit, out of the mud and mire; he set my feet on a rock and gave me a firm place to stand. He put a new song in my mouth, a hymn of praise to our God. Many will see and fear and put their trust in the Lord.
– Pray believing!
– When you cry out to God and expect a blessing HE will put a new song on your heart.

Well…there you have it ladies…now, let’s hear from all of you who are joining us online.

Take a minute, collect your thoughts, and then send a comment about your favorite “highlighter” moments and maybe even tackle the Personal Application Questions with us.

Climbing out of the pit with you,


  1. I have nothing to say this week! I ordered my book online and am waiting for it – I will hopefully be catching up by next week.

  2. Ok … I was only able to get to the bookstore yesterday to get my book and I (breifly) started reading it last night but haven’t finished the chapter yet. Actually, I’ve only just read the acknowledgments and forward so far !! So … I am not going to read the rest of your post ( I just read your intro ! ) until I finish the chapter this afternoon and then later I’ll be back to post my “real” comment !! I’m excited about this !!!

  3. I stopped by from Mari’s blog and have just ordered my book. I haven’t received it yet, so I’ll be doing some catching up, but I’ll be reading your comments.

  4. I’ve ordered my book, so hope it comes soon. Just reading your post, and I’m thinking – I’m Eeyore, total pit dweller today…hurry up book, come soon…I need to get out of my pit fast!!

  5. Oh I too have to get the book yet!!, Yes I have been in some past pits that were hard to get out of, But He is faithful!! Have more to climb out of 🙂 This will be good.

  6. Congrats on your big win today! I think I’ll send you “What Happens When Women Walk in Faith.” Just e-mail me your mailing address~

    Blessings and happy writing for that article-

  7. Well, I got my book and read the acknowledgements and 1st chapter.

    I was in a horrible pit back in the 80’s. For me, having been in that pit for about 1 1/2 years, when MY LORD finally got me out of that pit I was determined NEVER…..and I mean NEVER to get back into one again. When I begin to feel my feet slipping and the musk beginning to get between my toes I immediately GET OUT!!!

    I thought her comment about moving the RV in the living room with us was really good. I know so many people who do that. Christ has offered us abundant life. It’s up to us to choose whether to walk in abundant life or dwell in the pit.

    Looking forward to the next chapters and the comments. I think it is so wonderful you are doing this and I know MANY will come out of their pits.

  8. I ordered my book off amazon…will have to wait for it. But I did read all of your post.. I can´t wait to get into the book. Even without reading the first chapter I was looking
    1. I identify with all 3 points. I am in a pit. I have been in a pit and I know that I can grown through it!!! hahaha

    2.I tend to put up a good mask. When I am in the pit I often find too hurtful to share, but I am getting better!

    3. It´s very easy to get self absorbed in the pit. It´s good to remember always that others are often worse off than me.

    4.I tend to pull back away from everything and everyone with I get into the pit… I kinda of said that before for question 2!

    5.He put a new song into my mouth.

    I haven´t even got the book yet but as you seen I am already being blessed. Thanks for hosting this Mel.

  9. I read this last March after being “pushed” in a pit. It was so wonderful I had to come back. Thank you Melissa for hosting this!!

    1) Yes I think I may be in a pit–stuck for sure.

    2) Yes my mobile pit of approval comes along sometimes.

    3) Self-absorption and approval go hand in hand, I believe.

    4) I really do not feel bored. There is much I look forward to every day. But I do feel stuck in that some of my habits of discipline do not seem to be improving as I wish they would.

    5) Why are you downcast, o my soul? Put your hope in God. Where can I go and meet with God?

    Thanks again for this. I SO look forward to reading others’ responses and growing together in the Truth!
    Much love in Christ,

  10. I’m doing my Beth Moore study at church. I was just there last night and she is so great. She talked about Zechariah being told by Gabriel that he would have a son. What a sense of humor she has. Hope everyone enjoys this study you’re doing together!

  11. Great choice, Mel! Really Inspired! I can’t wait to get going on this book!

    First, I like what you highlighted……”I’ve come to the conclusion that vastly more people are miserable than not (Amen Sister!). Far more feel defeated than victorius.” …and I would add that it leads to all sorts of artificial behavior which causes disconnects within the Body Of Christ.

    1)Have been, I would be tempted to say I am not in one right now, but, as I thought about it, I realize there IS an area that I am working on climbing out of that pit…with the Lord of course. I guess until I can look around and see the mountaintop view in this regard, I would have to say, yup it’s a pit! You know…I’m thinking we can be in lots of pits…what do you think?

    2)Mobile, huh? I don’t think you can avoid taking it with you can you? At least in my experience – mobile, sure. No masking for me…I am NOT good at that! 🙂 it is something of a mixed blessing!

    3) Here’s the deal, I can’t stand myself when I am like that – so my cure is prayerfully find somemone in my orb to serve, to help, & it brings me out of the pit, sometimes it is a long process, but it works!

    4) boredom – NOT an issue! 🙂 Thank goodness!

    Sorry so long, Mel! 🙁 Thanks for what you are doing! I can tell you are having a blast!

  12. Hey Melissa what a great idea! I started reading this book a few weeks ago! I’m not very far because I’ve been so busy…so I’ll have to join you!

    I’ve been in a pit, by both crawling in and being pushed! Currently I’m in a pit-I can always tell because I pull away from my friends…but I find as I grow I do tend to spend less time down in the mucky mire!

  13. Hi Melissa,
    I’ve seen you on a few of the blogs that I visit and thought I would pop in for a visit. You have a beautiful blog and I love how God’s presence is on it. I have this book but have not read it yet but it looked like something I would like when I got it. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Ok FINALLY I read the first chapter !! AND I LOVED IT. I think this is going to be a really great book. I’m already half way through chapter two as well so I’ll be READY for Wednesday !!

    I think I’m in a few pits … can you be in more than one pit or are you just in the same pit for multiple reasons ?! 🙂 There are certainly areas in my life where I feel stuck !! I’m looking forward to learning how to get unstuck !!

  15. Got my book and read Chapter 1. I found it interesting that a pit doesn’t have to do necessarily with a sin.

    I am afraid my pit is “so close I can’t see it” because I can relate to the feeling stuck and a loss of vision but I chalked that up to motherhood.

    I am anxious to continue reading and digesting to see what God reveals to me through this.

  16. Yay my book has come, and I am on Chapter 3 now and it’s so good. I had never seen Psalm 40 so clearly before, I had no idea of what Beth Moore herself had been through. I’ve had dreams of ‘pits’ over the years and never truly seen the significance. It’s interesting because this year I felt that I was ‘stuck’ and God was saying – it’s a year of change and to DO something, not stay in THAT place adn I am doing something and the wheels are moving. Thanks for starting us on this book Mel, I was so chuffed!

  17. Did this study a couple years ago. Once again, even though I promised myself I would not go there again… here I am stuck in the ugliness I still somehow consider comfortable. Lord help me to awaken enough to get this change into a lifestyle and not just another good read that doesn't make a permanent change.

  18. Love this book. So glad I found this site where we can share our thoughts and get more out of it by experiencing others ideas and insights.


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