Awards and Catching Up

Hey There Everyone! I am so sorry that I haven’t really been around a lot the last couple of days. I’ve be-bopped around a bit but haven’t had a lot of time to truly sit and stay awhile. These last couple of days I feel like I have been running around like a chicken with, well…you know!

Any who…there is a lot to catch up on before I start the new weekly devotional series tomorrow, Speak to My Soul Sunday. You want to make sure to put the Speak to My Soul button up on your blog if you want to qualify for the Starbuck’s card give away.

Ok, now let’s get to some more FUN stuff! Mari and Jennifer were kind enough to pass this really sweet award on to me. I wanted to take a minute to first THANK both of them for being so kind, and second, to pass it along to some other really kind and sweet bloggy friends.

I am passing along the Everyday Kindness Award to the following cool chicks:
* My friend Hope over at Monkey Giggles
* A really sweet chick, Sharon at Quiet Reflections
* A kind and talented photographer, Bonnie at Simple Beauty
* My warrior chick buddy Jules at Just Juliana
* A wonderfully kind and loving chick, Maria at Free to Fly

A dear and sweet friend, Sharon, over at Sharon’s Quiet Reflections passed on this award “Spread the Love Award” to me and I wanted to take a minute to say THANKS to her for sending it my way.

So, now I get to Spread the Love Award to some other lovely chicks:
* My buddy and warrior chick pal Ivy over at Ivy’s Mind
* One of my favorite friends Sue over at Praise and Coffee
* An awesome mom and really sweet chick Jennifer at Zaankali’s Adventures
* A super loving and kind chick, Holly at Crown Laid Down
* Another FL Bloggy buddy who is just always full of love, Kat at JustABeachKat

Last, but NOT least…make sure to come back tomorrow for the kick off to the Speak to My Soul Sunday weekly devotional and come back on Monday for the Bloggy Giveaways Carnival…

Here’s a hint at the Mel’s World Give Away…It has to do with a pit, paper, and a warm beverage!

See y’all tomorrow,


  1. Congrats on the awards! I’ll be back monday 馃檪

    赂.路麓赂.路*篓) 赂.路*篓)
    (赂.路麓 (赂.路鈥 * Annie *

  2. Love for me? Ahhhhhhh…. I came by and I didn’t even see it.

    Thank you!
    馃檪 Besito y mucho amore.

  3. Hi….CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!You deserve all the awards in the world. Thank you so much for my award…..I would like to thank my family, my friends….just kidding, thanks you are a really good friend. Love YA!! Jules

  4. I am slowly getting caught up with all me blog reading. It’s been crazy lately…and I’m really feeling the need to write and just haven’t had the time or energy. *SIGH*

    Thanks so much Melissa this brightened my day today…it was needed.

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