Starbuck’s Card Winners

Today is did the drawing for the Starbuck’s Give Away that was a tag on to anyone who wanted to put up the Speak to My Soul button up on their blog.
As is typical in my house, I just couldn’t pick ONE winner, so I had BOTH my boys pick a number and this is who they chose.

ChristiS – at the Blah Blah Blog
Kelli – at the
Ponderings of a Pastor’s Wife

Both of these women will be getting a $5 Starbuck’s card in the mail (as soon as they send me their address) and also my heartfelt appreciation for being a part of Mel’s World with me.

I can’t wait until Sunday when I do the drawing for the “Get Out of the Pit” Study Pack.

Check back on Sunday for the next post in the Speak to My Soul Sunday. Have a terrific give away filled day (is it me or am I the ONLY on who is totally sucked into this whole thing?).



  1. Congrats to the winners!
    Hello to my friend, I’ve been a little over busy lately and hoping for things to calm down. Hopefully I can give you a call this week!
    Love ya,

  2. Oh My! As I read this I thought how great for these women and then I thought…so just how long has it been since I’ve been to Starbucks? You know I couldn’t even remember? That tells me it’s been way too long. I’m going to just have to do something about that!! 🙂

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