I want to be June Cleaver

Really, I do!!!

I totally admire her ability to keep things constantly under control and with a smile and even temper. How on earth does she do that? (I know, I know…she’s not real, she’s just a t.v. show mom, they ALWAYS have it all together!)

I thought I would post again today (three today, what’s up with that?) with some funny quips and random thoughts that have happened here in the Mashburn home just since the kids came home from school.

Upon walking in the house and getting started on his chores my oldest son walks into the kitchen and stares in disbelief at the sink.
He then says…”why are there ALWAYS dishes in the sink?”
To which I said, “Because we are eating at home more and that takes more dishes.”
He then says…”Why can’t we eat off paper plates?”
To which I said, “Who do you think is using the MOST dishes?”
He then says…”Oh!” (It’s usually Him!)

Playing Guitar Hero with BOTH boys later…
Youngest son is Guitar Hero Maniac!
Oldest son is in a Battle with Slash
I am nodding my head up and down as they exclaim about how COOL the music is (it’s 80’s rock bands) saying, yep, this is what mom listened to in high school.
To which they both said…Whoa, are you serious!

Dear husband, who is tired of the same 10 dishes that I can actually make, found this great web site (thanks Dave Ramsey!) that has dinner menu plans (and grocery lists) for the week and even breaks it down for your grocery store and menu plan (low-carb, low-fat, points for WW, etc). I signed up and have already tried one of the recipes. Check it out below…


Cooked tonight…always scary, but I was inspired by visiting my grandmother in Kentucky and made her famous “homemade soup” with grilled cheese sandwiches (simple really is better sometimes).

I also cooked last night (this is where you gasp with shock!)…I used one of the recipes from the E-Mealz. I made homemade breaded mahi-mahi (it called for catfish, but we aren’t really catfish people) and scalloped potatoes…and guess what??? Everyone ate it, loved it, and cleaned their plate. I wasn’t too keen on skinning the fish, if everyone didn’t absolutely love it I had already talked myself into NEVER fixing that again, but dag-gum-it, they loved it! (I am still picking scales out from under my nails…yuck!)

Now I am off to prepare for tomorrow’s Book Group!!! We are discussing Chapter 5 from the Book “Get out of that Pit“, and I have to tell ya, if you haven’t picked up this book drop everything you are doing and either 1) go to your local Christian Book store, or 2) click here and order it at Amazon.com. You will NOT regret it! This week’s chapter is out of this world!!

Taking My Apron off for the Night,


  1. First, I LOVE June. She is who I want to be when I grow up. 🙂 Second, I do not like to cook either, but I have discovered a few shortcuts that are easy. If you like tortilla soup, I have an easy recipe! And everyone loves it, even those who aren’t soup eaters. And it is best cooked in the crock pot all day. Get a crock pot and learn to make things in it. It makes it so much easier! I need to check out the website! Thanks!

  2. I think you are June Cleaver – the new improved version! You know – the one who worries about the important things in life, not dishes!

  3. You are sooo funny !! I love that you are stepping out and getting adventurous with your cooking !! I looooove cooking. I was thinking … I’m making a meal tonight that is super easy and I think you’d be able to make it and like it. I’ve posted it to my blog before. Here’s the link if you want to check it out. Quick and Easy – A Recipe

  4. JUNE CLEAVER!! You crack me up:)

    When I was home for 8 months I loved to cook and try new dishes.( I am not the greatest cook either), But working full time, UGH!! I love my slow cooker:) I am PROUD of you!!

  5. Hi Mel..here’s my tip for the mahi mahi- buy it at Costco where it is already skinned on both sides =]

    Publix leaves the skin on one side and I HATE that!! Also, you can buy it frozen at Costco and its also skinned.~Tiffany

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