Chapter 7 – Get Out of That Pit

Can I just tell you that this book has been one of the biggest blessings in my reading life lately…I mean, seriously…check out what Beth says on Page 143 (which could also be said of me), “When it comes to high maintenance, I put the “I” in high and the ten in maintenance.”

This was totally unexpected and yet so just like God…I write the “Speak to My Soul” devotional on Saturday nights or Sunday mornings (sorry to bust your bubble, but I actually don’t write them weeks out…I try and wait on the Holy Spirit to lead me to write what HE wants me to write) and then read the Chapter for the book group on Sunday evenings. How cool is it that this week was about Waiting on God for Deliverance but the neat thing about it is that while we wait we should be PRAY! Love it! Here we go ladies…we are about to hear some really good words today!

Saddle up, break out your highlighters and journals and let’s dig into some of highlights from this chapter.

Page 145-146, “What a ride it is for us now. God etched history not on lands and nations but on human lives. Not on superhumans. Not even on particularly impressive humans. God seems to summon the most faithless of all to faith. He’s a magnet to weakness, perhaps the ultimate proof that opposites really do attract.”

Page 146 – LOVE THIS…”God takes HIS own sweet time because sweet time is God’s to take.” Ah! Is that awesome or what?

Does anyone else out there have a hard time with “Waiting” or is it just me? Come on, I can’t see you, but you can raise your hands with me!

Page 147“Even faith in God that an intense wait demands is about relationship. God calls upon us to walk in faith because faith requires a partner to place it in.” (There’s that word again…God wants a relationship with YOU!)

Psalm 40:1-2
I waited patiently for the LORD;
he turned to me and heard my cry.
He lifted me out of the slimy pit,
out of the mud and mire.

Page 151 – “He’s up to something big that affects not only you, but those around you. He’s also after those around you. Furthermore, He’s not just interested in impacting the present. He is the One “who is, and who was, and who is to come, the Almighty” (Revelation 1:8). Within every “is”, God is mindful of what “was” and what “is to come” and He intends to show Himself might in all of the above. One thing is certain; you can’t accuse God of being shortsighted.”

Amen and amen dear sisters…how incredibly amazing is that?

There are so many other things I highlighted, but I want to leave you on the one above. Rest in that.

Now, get your typing fingers ready and let’s open up the Personal Application Questions together:

1) God can deliver a person instantaneously, but this is a rare occurrence. Has this ever happened to you or to someone you know? What was your response? Were you awed by God’s power? Skeptical? Reassured?

2) As you have waited for God to deliver you, what has been your frame of mind? Compare yours with the psalmists in Psalm 40:1-2 and 130:5-6.

3) “But smooth living invariably, eventually, makes for sloppy spirituality.” Can you think of a time in your life when this was especially true?

4) Psalm 130:5 says, “in this world I put my hope”. In the past, where have you placed your hope? What is one thing you can do while you wait and hope for deliverance?

5) Another definition of qwh (wait) is “to bind together”. As you picture Beth’s two children clinging to her legs, describe yourself as you have begun to hold on to God.



  1. This is such a neat book! I must complete the week 6 post soon too…

    1) I have never witnessed this – yet!!

    2) Feeling I need to sort something out myself. I so need to realise when is a waiting time in God and when is the time for action.

    3) Yes totally, it is sadly too easy to sit back on your laurels when all is well and get prideful, and it’s ugly!

    4) In the past I have placed my hope in ‘habits’ those survival mode’s funny but I put up a new place “Stormy Weather” and it continues on from here and into #5!

    5) When I do let go of the silly stuff and hold on to God, I realise he is the only constant, secure one that I can truly hold on to and that feels me with humility amazingly (well it’s pride that makes me try and do it alone) and gratefulness and flooded with security.

  2. This was such a good chapter – I loved the quote on p146 too!
    1 – I haven’t seen or experienced this.
    2 – I am so impatient. I want it fixed and fixed now!
    3 – I don’t have a specific time but it really is true. Some of those tough times are so worth it because of the closeness and dependance on God.
    4 – I too often put my hope in family and friends, and can think of at least one instance where I was really hurt because of it. Spending time in prayer is the best thing to do while waiting.
    5 – As question 3 brings up, I too often hold on tight in rough times, but try to stand on my own when things look calm. You would think I would know bettter by now. I liked Beths statement about things happening because God missed her. I feel that way too sometimes.

  3. I must get this book!

    Yep, I was holding up my hands, I must admit. I have a problem with waiting.


  4. 1) OH, I have seen countless times where someone was instantaneously healed or delivered. Really it astounds me! But like Beth, I usually get the long journey for each step. He hardly ever sends an instantaneous solution, but He DOES send instant joy, peace, patience…and all the rest of the fruit of the spirit to have while I wait.

    2) My frame of mind begins with a bit of terror..then I get into His Word and pray His Word. And my frame of mind becomes one of patiently waiting upon the LORD, as we are right now waiting for a job for my husband. We are waiting and looking to the Lord for a job to be ushered in. Until then, like you siad, we are praying.

    3) Every single time God has brought about a huge deliverance in our lives, we find that we get sloppy and complacent again. It is as if we have forgotten to seek Him while He may be found, not just when we have an urgent need. Lord help us!

    4) In the past I placed my hope in riches and worldly love and accolades, but now I put my hope in the nod of God. I only want Him, His nod of approval and His gifts. There are profuse!

    5) I have been praying about this all day long. LORD, help me to hang on tight, as Mel encouraged me to do. Yes, that is my prayer.

    Thanks Melissa for this. It has been blessing me so much during this season on my life. THANK YOU!

  5. Hi, I forgot about this then remembered that I really needed it! I know I’m here late, but here goes!

    1) I have to admit that I’m skeptical to see people delivered instantly. And often, I’m afraid I see these same people who believed they were healed sliding back into old habits when things get rough (just like me!). But sometimes I know it does happen.
    2) Waiting for the Lord is hard for me. “Patiently” and “hopefully” don’t fit the discription of me waiting very well. It feels like waiting on my husband to do projects that I ask him to do (because I don’t know how). I eventually give up or learn to do it myself. I really do need to learn the attitude of patiently looking up and focusing on God and His timing.
    3)Smooth living invariably makes me feel like a successful Christian and with that pride I’m BOUND to get sloppy!
    4) I need to center my life around God’s word and time talking to Him. I need to. As long as my life is centered around “what I need to do” things keep falling apart.
    5) I need to hang on to God too, with both arms. Not leaving one arm free to dig myself out, but totally dependant on His power of mobility in my life.

    Thank you for these thought questions. God has placed the right path in my way, I know because it is centered on Him, but He is showing me over and over that I can’t live my day without Him. But each time that I get on my knees, I am distracted, feel silly, and unfocused. When I sit down to read my Bible, the words blur, become uninteresting, and refuse to compell me. I have been a Christian for much of my life and devoted years of my life to Bible school and the mission field! What is my problem!

    I guess I am seeing that in order to have a vibrant, living, spirit-filled life I have to walk day by day with God. If Satan can make me hungry, grouchy, tired, distracted, and bored in my time dedicated to being with God (and I give into those feelings) then Satan wins! I have to give each quiet time to God and determine to resist Satan as if each battle was my last.

    Please pray for me in this when you have opportunity. What I do not have is good accountability. Maybe you can pray for that for me as well!

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