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Have to wear my mom hat for a minute…it’s about My Little Drummer Boy! Ok, He will KILL me when he reads that, but proud mama that I am I just HAD to post about Bailey’s Drum Solo Assesment that he recently participated in. Only three kids from his band class participated in this assesment and I was actually quite surprised that he wanted to do it, but being the supportive mom that I am I said “GO FOR IT” when he asked.

He practiced for a couple of weeks and when the big day came he went in, performed his solo, had some small talk with the judge, and thanked everyone for allowing him to perform (good boy!). When he came back to band class on Tuesday he was awarded a medal and a sheet that said his performance was SUPERIOR (the highest rating)!

We are so very proud of him…his music is very important to him. He has been playing drums for about 3 years now, and this last year he also started playing guitar. He has a Christian Rock Band (Blood Cross) that meets in our garage weekly…they are actually quite good! 😉 Thanks for letting me take a few minutes to BRAG about my baby (who is also having a birthday next week…waaaaa!!! I don’t want them to grow up!).

Hope you are all having a Terrific Tuesday!


  1. Wow, what an accomplishment. You should be one proud Mom and I know you are.


  2. Honey you brag all you want. I love to hear mom’s and dad’s bragging on their kids.

  3. Woot! Way to rock, Bailey! So happy for your success! Love the band name!

    Melissa, you are one great mom! You provide the environment that helps him, the love, prayers, encouragement!

    May God bless Bailey with much wisdom, favor, depth of charcter, and a passionate heart for Him!


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