Chapter 8 – Get Out of That Pit

Get Out of That Pit – Chapter 8 – Make Up Your Mind

It is so awesome how God placed this book on my heart and mind at JUST THE RIGHT MOMENT, you know! Has that ever happened to you? Seriously, it feels like HE was just sitting there waiting for me to take notice, and boy am I glad that I did.

I can tell from your emails and comments that there are many of you that feel the same way. There is much to talk about, but I wanted to take a minute to ask you all for your prayers. Today at book group I started feeling light headed and according to one of my girlfriends went all “pasty white”. I thought there for a bit that I was going to pass out, but some quick thinking from mi amiga helped me to get my color back. I came home and crashed for THREE hours. I don’t know if I am trying to catch something or not, but I know that I just haven’t felt right all day. I know your prayers can and will make a difference and covet them from you all. I am sure that it is nothing, but prayers can change things. (This is why today’s PIT notes are getting out so late…sorry about that)

I want to go ahead and hit some of my “Highlighter” moments for you all before we get into the Personal Application Questions.

Page 159“One way you know you’re out is when you realize after all the slip-sliding and sky diving you’ve done, your feet are finally planted on a rock, and you’ve got a firm place to stand.” (I love that about our God!)

Oh my sisters…are you ready for this…check it out.

Page 163“That’s how God is about you. He’s firm. He’s loyal. He made up His mind about you before the foundation of the world. Regardless of who has betrayed you and what promises they didn’t keep, God is firm in His commitment to you. Circumstances don’t cause Him to rethink His position. Even if you, like me, have made multiple trips to the pit, His affection for you is unwavering. He’s all yours if you want Him. The Rock is yours for the standing.”

Could you just sit and rest in those words or what? My insides are screaming and my heart is aching for those of you who don’t get just how Crazy in Love our God is with each and every one of His children.

Page 164“The problem is, life on Planet Earth consists of one crisis after another. Beloved, this I promise you. Circumstances will offer unceasing invitations back to the pit. If our souls had no enemy, life on clay feet would still be hard. But the fact is we do have an enemy, and he formulates one scheme after another. He knows how to trip your switch. He finds your Achilles’ heel, and that’s where he aims his darts. And if he’s anything at all, he’s a great shot.”

Oh man, it is SO good…isn’t it? I love it in this next section when she talks about making that decision, read on…

Page 167“When you’ve made that decision and given your heart, mind, and soul in all their fissured parts: and when you’ve given your past, present, future ”to him who is able to keep you from falling “ (Jude 1:24); and when you know you’re absolutely in, come what may…congratulations, Sweet Thing. You’re out of the pit and your feet are on a rock. Having a firm place to stand doesn’t mean life isn’t hard and temptations don’t come. It doesn’t mean you get everything right. It doesn’t mean you don’t sin, although you won’t be able to wallow in it like you used to. It just means you’ve determined your position no matter what comes your way.”

Ladies, can you feel the power of these words? Can you feel God leading you out, then Make Up Your Mind and move forward with it.

Page 178“I’m going to say it to you like I felt God say it to me: quit acting like a wimp. And quit the whining. It’s depleting energy you need for the great escape. God has somewhere astounding to take you, and if you’ve got some people who won’t let you go, you need to let them go.”

I am going to leave it on these final words from this chapter and then we can talk together about the Discussion Questions.

Page 179-180““Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go” (Joshua 1:9). Say goodbye to that pit once and for all. Living up in the fresh air and sunshine where your feet are firm upon the Rock and your head is above your enemy’s is not for the fainthearted. It’s for those who make up their minds.”

Now it’s your turn…crack open your book and let’s discuss the PERSONAL APPLICATION QUESTIONS in the back of the book.

1) What are some of the inevitable temptations you can expect to face in the next few days, weeks, or months as you attempt to stand firmly on your rock?

2) “We must settle some things in advance.” When the next temptations arise, what might you say or do differently that indicates you have “made up your mind”?

3) Which relationship(s) in your life will have to change as a result of your resolve to stay out of the pit? How will your family change? How will your relationships with friends change?

4) Is there a relationship in your life that is fueled by addiction or is in danger of becoming so? Is this a relationship you must end? Why or why not?

5) When you say goodbye to your pit once and for all, you’ve “live in the fresh air and sunshine”. Describe what that will look like and feel like in your life?

I hope and pray that this book has been a blessing to you. Take some time right now to think about your answers and share a few with the rest of the group!

My Minds Made Up,


  1. Hey Mel, sorry to hear you’ve not been feeling too good. I’m fighting something too and had a few days of awful dizzy spells. Get well and strong!

    1) Tiredness is a real battle point for me, because then my mind starts to go here and there, doubt tries to creep in. That’s usually the first battle point trying to push me back in the pit.

    2) God has been speaking to me about not just knowing his word in these situations but speaking it out, proclaiming it and standing on it.

    3) I really can’t think of one at this point.

    4) No, but I am aware that there were such relationships in the past.

    5) Saying goodbye to my pit…being content in all circumstances, not afraid to be myself and going for it! Arms outstretched and ready to leap off the edge…

    Thanks so much for taking us through this challenge!

  2. Oh, Mel, I’ll definitely pray for you. I hope you are not getting something and it will end up just being one of those passing things.

    Take care of yourself–chug some Airborne!


  3. Sorry you aren’t feeling great – rest and get better!
    1) When I get too busy and start to stress about all that I have to do, I am more likely to start slipping.
    2)I liked this section. THere are places I don’t go and things I don’t do, because of this.
    3)none I can think of now.
    4) no
    5) I don’t think it will always be sunshine – there will be clouds, but the rain won’t wash away my firm foothold!

  4. Ohwow! I just found your blog via Praise and Coffee. I wish I had found it earlier. I just started this book – on Chapter 3 and I’m really getting a lot out of it.

    She’s a great writer/teacher. I’ll be back to see your devotional on Sundays and I love love love your blog look! 🙂

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Melissa, I pray that you feel better and that it’s nothing serious.
    1) I expect to be distracted, to feel like I’m over reacting, to want to “loosen up a little”, to be tempted toward pride/self condemnation, and to want to give up.
    2) I plan to remember words of truth–time with God makes all the difference, Satan wants me to give up, I will be lifted up and strengthened after spending time with God, other people are going to ask me if I’m staying connected!
    3) I don’t think that I’ll have to give up friends that eat or don’t pray every day, but I need to change the habits in my home to some extent. As I change, I know it will make a difference in all my relationships. I pray that my husband and I can start praying and reading together regularly.
    4) Thankfully, I don’t have any leeching relationships nor addictive relationships (although I’m crazy about my husband!). When I’ve been tempted to call someone recently though (usually to complain or to garner some comfort), I’ve been strongly encouraged in my spirit to take it to God instead. This is totally new for me and very exciting!
    5) It’s like that first morning of warm weather when it’s safe to throw open all the windows and let the breeze circulate through the house and replace all the stale winter air. The blinds and curtains are pulled back and the sunshine fills the house. Of course this reveals dust and dirt overlooked in the artificial light of the home, but the day feels so full of hope and promise, that I almost want to whistle while getting out the broom and dust rag. It’s finally spring!

  6. I thought something might be up, when I stopped by on Wed. I was praying for you then and am still praying for you, Melissa. I hope this weekend has brought healthiness 🙂

    1)Doubts and fears–and also real-life practical things that need attention. The smallest things have been my un-doing lately. Like Sydney (our 18 mo. old) needing shots, but we don’t have insurance and out of pocket will be more than we need to spend right now. So I question God–when? And I ask Him–how? He simply says, Trust me.

    2) I must decide in advance that God is faithful and trustworthy.
    Lately, I have struggled with mind battles over the lack of a job for Chris–3 1/2 months has been a long time and I keep having to restate what I believe in advance, before the enemy trounces on me.

    3) They already have changed. I am still walking through it, though. It’s very hard when the relationship is someone in your extended family. You are bound to have times with them–and it’s like walking through a mine field. As long as Jesus helps me and I hold His hand. I have so far been spared much injury.

    4) No, I can safely say that since I have been walking watchfully for several years, I have learned to guard from these sorts of relationships. It is certainly something that I am watching to see that it does not happen.

    5) It will look like freedom and feel completely wonderful and full and right.

  7. Oh, yes, I like you. LOL

    We read Get Out of That Pit in my Sunday School class right before LittleBrother was born. It was an amazing step in my healing.

    Thumbs up!

    FireMom from Stop, Drop & Blog.

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