Chapter 9 – Get Out of That Pit

Singing a New Song

I am song nut, so when I saw the title of this week’s chapter I thought to myself…could it be? There was a game out in the early 90’s called SONGBURST. My sister in love and I would make our newly wedded husbands play this game for hours and hours when we all first got married (all three sibling were married within a year of each other). We LOVED this game, but the guys, well…not so much!

So here we are, present day and I still love to sing, love to listen to music, and am truly captivated by songs. I like almost all (notice I said almost) music and can appreciate the melodies. But I love how Beth takes the songs and perfectly ties them into a worship experience with her words.

Check this out…Page 183“You will have a new song in your mouth, a hymn of praise to your God. That’s the second way you’ll know you’ve waved goodbye to the pit.” Then she goes on to say a little further down the page…”It doesn’t matter whether you have a beautiful voice or make mostly noise, you were born for song. And not just any kind of song. Your heart beats to the rhythm of a God-song, and your vocal chords were fashioned to give it volume.”

Ok, when you read that did you automatically think of Happy Feet? (or was it only me?)

Oh my goodness, then on Pages 188-189 Beth talking about your God-song…read this, “As good as the symphony was, a God-song in the simplest man’s soul is more than that. It’s not just a moment. It’s not just an emotional intoxication. It’s the unleashed anthem of a freed soul. A song expresses something no amount of spoken words can articulate. No amount of nonverbal affection can demonstrate. Music is its own thing, especially when instruments and voices respond to the tap of the divine Conductor.”

Ladies…I feel an “Amen Sister” right about now, don’t you?

Prepare yourself ladies…this next part is truly spectacular; Page 189-190“I’m not talking about the unbroken melody of a beautiful singing voice. I’m talking about an unstopped outlet of frequent compulsory praise. Of a raptured spirit. Of a Sabbathed soul. In the midst of our difficulty, could we still sing with liberty to our God? Even with tears streaming down our cheeks?” (Ladies, I have done this so many times, haven’t you?) “Beloved, a song of praise freely sung and spontaneously offered is one of the most blatant trademarks of joy in tribulation. You have not let that situation get to you entirely and bury you in a pit until you’ve lost your God-song. Likewise, you know you’re out of that pit when not only have your old songs returned but something fresh has happened. God has put a new song in your mouth. A brand new hymn of praise to your God.”

Breath it in,

let it sink down into your soul.
The God of the Universe has given each and every one of you your own God-song.
Are you singing it? Are you praising Him with it?

Sing ladies sing. You are coming out or already out of the pit. Sing your songs to Him.

Let’s wrap it up with the amazing words on page 195 “If you’ve been in a pit, God wants nothing more for you than deliverance, and He has surrounded you with accompaniment on your journey out. Take it seriously. No, take it joyfully. Gloriously! Think of the most dramatic movie you’ve ever seen. Hear the haunting score of the battle saga Glory. The thrilling score of final victory in Tolkien’s The Return of the King. Hear the football players in Remember the Titans singing in the locker room, “Ain’t no mountain high enough.” Now, imagine something even better. Surely you don’t think earthly movie producers and composers have anything on God. Every Oscar winning expression of music is a mere echo of the God in whose image the clay-footed composer was created. With all this in mind, can you possibly think that God would deliver you in your real-life drama engaging both heaven and Earth without powerful accompaniment?”…”The originator of surround sound, God chases you down with melody and hems you in with harmony until your raptured soul finds liberty and your aching feet find stability. Christ, the King, the Creator of the Universe, seeks and surrounds you with songs of deliverance.”

Psalm 40:3
He put a new song in my mouth,
a hymn of praise to our God.
Many will see and fear
and put their trust in the LORD.

Let’s take a few minutes to discuss the PERSONAL APPLICATION QUESTIONS in the back of the book on page 246.

1) Have you begun to hear a God-song in your heart? Can you put words to your song? If it is an actual song that you can sing, sing it!

2) Describe a time when you spontaneously began singing a song of praise – maybe in your care, at home, in an elevator, etc. Also describe a time when you sang, not because you felt like it, but as an act of faith. What was the result of your singing?

3) When you’re in a pit, you may be singing a song, but it’s usually not a God-song. What are some of the enemy’s songs that you’ve been singing? If you can’t think of an actual song, make up a song title that fits your situation. (Think country, and have fun with this!)

4) Now, pick one or two songs and/or soundtracks that you think God might use to accompany your victorious deliverance from a pit. If you don’t have these CD’s at home, buy or borrow them this week and play them every day.

5) This week, find a time and place where there will be no other distractions. Then play the music you’ve chosen while picturing in your mind the dramatic moment of your victory over the deadly pit from which you’re now emerging (or soon will be).

Now it’s your turn…take some time to think through these questions and share with the rest of the group what songs God has laid on your heart, what songs you have let the evil one play in your head, and also some of the other questions. I can’t wait to see what God songs you all have!!!

Singing My Song To Him,


  1. 1) Yes, I have begun to hear a God-song. I don’t have words yet because the melody isn’t even that clear to me yet, but I can feel it resonating in my soul.
    2) Recently, I’ve had the song “I cry out” on my heart as I go about my day. I often sing it as I go about my housework. There have been times when I have sung not because of anything I felt, but because I believed the words. Most of the time, those songs bring me to tears. The feelings almost always follow.
    3) Hmm. “I left my heart in the donut box between the chocolate and the glazed/ I can’t wait for coffee break ‘caus then I’ll have it made” (Anyone think I can win a grammy for that one? ; )
    4)I’ll have to think about that one. I keep thinking of sad themes. I need a victorious theme. Maybe I can bring my husband in to help me out.

    “Jesus, you’re my firm fountation”
    “Higher Ground”
    “Above all else”

    Is my trouble at coming up with these songs showing that I’m not quite out yet? Maybe I’ll pray for a song from God.

  2. Ok, now I want the book. It wasn’t speaking to me until today. Proabably because I am into several other books at the moment. But, this chapter is gold! Absolute gold! It’s something I can relate to in every way.

    Great, great post, Melissa!

  3. I enjoyed this post Melissa.

    The Fixer has made you an award. Come over and collect it!

  4. 1) For many years I have heard God sing to me through “You are my sunshine, my only sunshine”, it may sound cheesy, but it means so much to me and others have had this for me in various forms (unknowingly) too.

    2) I remember being in my very early teens and wasn’t yet a christian. My Dad had a cow that was dying of a fever and there was little hope – she was lying down. Anyway I felt to stay with that cow and started singing over her, rolling her from side to side, that she would live and not die. That was defining for me, especially AFTER I became a Christian and started to understand more in this sphere

    3) Some of the enemy’s songs? Can’t think of an actual song, so I will go with a song title “You are nobody, you don’t make a difference, you are boring…blah blah blah”

    4) I’m going to think on this one Mel, and prepare for #5 too.

  5. I’m late! Sorry 🙂
    1) Yes, oh yes it is beginning–but I don’t know it, yet. I’ll tell you when I have it.

    2) I am always spontaneously breaking out in song 🙂 But one time, I remember that I was in the kitchen and God had just carried us through another journey–here’s my song: Faithful, my God is faithful. My God is faithful and true. Faithful, oh, He’s faithful.. My God is faithful and true. I added more stanzas, too–but the blessing was that it was a song God gave me to celebrate that time. I still sing it.

    3) If you’re grumpy and you know it stomp your feet; If you;re grumpy and you know it, scream out loud!; If you’re grumpy and you know it then your frown will always show it, If you’re grumpy and you know it…growl real loud.

    4) Rocky theme song–as he’s running up the stairs

    5) Amen. I will. I believe that the light at the end of this tunnel is in full view–Praise HIM! OH thank You Jesus!

    Love you much in Him, Melissa!

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