Scavenger Hunt

Ok, is it me, or has this whole “Ultimate Blog Party 08” totally consumed all your time these days? Come on, I know I am not the only one that is trying to visit all 1300+ (did you read that…1300+ blogs) mom blogs are listed.

My hats off to the ladies over at 5minutesformom for hosting such a BLOW OUT party! What a great turn out!

So, here’s the deal…I have been on their main site just about every day checking things out, seeing how many new blogs are listed, and trying to visit some of the ones who 1) visited me, and 2) had a fun or cool blog name. It’s been so much fun to get out there and visit new bloggy pals and I can’t wait to meet more!

One of the cool things that has happened throughout all of this has been that I have “officially” launched my new blog called, Mel’s World Travel Biz. I have been working on it for a little while now trying to get the info ready and setup for the launch and I have to tell you that I am very pleased with how it is coming together. I am sure that there will be a blog re-design some time soon, but for now I am leaving it as it is so I can continue to build it, prepare it, and chock it full of great stuff.

My hope for the Mel’s World Travel Biz blog is that it would be a great resource for me to get information out there, to everyone, about the benefits of owning your own home-based business, about the differences in working for someone else versus working for yourself, and about the online travel business that I am currently working with. I have two companies all rolled into one and I am so stoked about the opportunities that God has brought into my life with this.

Because I am so stoked about it I thought I would host a little scavenger hunt over here in Mel’s World for each and every one of you. Here’s the deal, I am going to give you a list of 10 things you need to “find” over in the Mel’s World Travel Biz blog and then come back over here to comment.

The answers will be in the blog in posts, pictures, on the side bar, etc. Look carefully…you can do it, I know you can!

The FIRST person to answer all 10 questions correctly will win:
$10 Starbuck’s Card
A FREE weekend get-away (3 days/2 nights)
(Some charges apply to cover taxes and fees for resorts, but they are minimal)
Fun & Travel Magazine (perfect for planning your next vacation)
Success from Home Magazine (features my travel business on cover)

There will be a SECOND prize picked out of a random draw from all the others who answer all 10 questions correctly will win. The prize is:
$5 Starbuck’s Card
A FREE weekend get-away (3 days/2 nights) ***just added***
(Some charges apply to cover taxes and fees for resorts, but they are minimal)
Fun & Travel Magazine (perfect for planning your next vacation)
Success from Home Magazine (features my travel business on cover)

***Added later in the day*** Let me see what I can come up with, I might be able to get some more prizes…keep the answers coming!

Keep searching and looking for the answers…just because someone has already answered they might not be right, so don’t give up.

1) Seek out the answers and send them directly to me in an email to mashburntravel [at] bellsouth [dot] net.

2) Post a comment in Mel’s World (that’s here) that says…CHECK YOUR EMAIL, and that way I will have them in time/date order.

Have Fun and Happy Scavenger Hunting.

Winners will be selected on Monday 3/17/08.
(St. Patrick’s Day and my son, Nick’s, Birthday)

Happy Hunting,
Mel’s World Travel Biz Blog Scavenger Hunt

1) Who wrote the following quote? – “A man without a goal is like a ship without a rudder”

2) Who is the author of the book, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”?

3) What is the IRS Publication #___ that covers Tax Rules for Children and Dependants?

4) Who wrote the article in MSN Money called “The ultimate tax shelter: Owning your own business”?

5) How many books are on my Shelfari bookshelf?

6) What are the names of the two web sites that are for Melissa’s business?

7) What is YTB’s Retention Rate over the last three years?

8) In the Post called a J.O.B. it talks about this. Fill in the blank…your JOB pays what is termed ________ income; when YOU stop work, the MONEY stops.

9) Name the verse –“Do not turn from it to the right hand or to the left, that you may prosper wherever you go.” ~______

10) According to the video post (The Right Place at the Right Time) how many people book travel online every year?


  1. Oh dang, and I just don’t have time for this today!!!! I’m sure your winner will have a blast! Wow, what an awesome prize! (just out of curiosity, does this apply to Canadian winners, too? You know, just in case!)

    I’ve had fun at the Blog Party, too, although I didn’t visit NEARLY everyone!! (like, maybe 50! It was a little overwhelming! But I’m glad I met you!!)

  2. Keep them coming…you never know…my lips are sealed until Monday.

    What I can tell you is this…never give up, YOU CAN DO IT! (say that with that funny accent that goes with it)

    Ha! Have Fun!

  3. I’m SO excited!!! Keep the answers coming…I am going to look into some more prizes.


  4. Guess who won prize #113?
    Yep it’s you! Please be patient while the prize donor is contacted. They will be in touch with you soon. Congratulations!!!!!!!

  5. wow! that’s a lot of questions.. and very cool prizes!

    i just cam eover to congratulate you on the launching of your new blog. i hope athat all your hopes will be realized without a fuss.

    God bless!

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