Scavenger Hunt Results

Sorry this is a little late…there was much to do yesterday for the Birthday Party Dinner (and party all weekend with 16 teenagers in and around my house). Ha! It WAS fun though…Yep, I am a little on the looney side…I know!
So…without waiting ONE MORE minute I wanted to share with you all the results of the Mel’s World Travel Biz blog Scavenger Hunt.

First Place goes to…
Jennifer over at Zaankali’s Adventures
Jennifer will receive…
$10 Starbuck’s Card
A FREE weekend get-away (3 days/2 nights)
(Some charges apply to cover taxes and fees for resorts, but they are minimal)
Fun & Travel Magazine (perfect for planning your next vacation)
Success from Home Magazine (features my travel business on cover)

Second Place was a 5-way tie…
all five missed Question #5 (which was there are 11 books on the shelf)

Ok, here’s the deal. I said that there would be ONE second place prize, but I just CAN’T pick between them all and would love to give each of them something. I will be putting a little prize package together for EACH and every one of them. Each package will be different, but will equally have FUN stuff in them. (I LOVE each of these ladies and want them all to have some goodies for taking time to do the scavenger hunt!)

Thanks to each and everyone of the ladies for taking time to have fun and play along in the scavenger hunt!

On the Prize Patrol,


  1. I’m going over to check the bookshelf! I can’t believe I missed two 🙂
    Thank you, how sweet! I just stopped in and was very surprised!

  2. Oh, YAY, Jamie!!! (she’s a friend I made through blogging a while back!!)

    This was an awesome contest, Melissa, and even without the incentive, I look forward to spending a lot more time here and at your travel blog!!

    As for the bathroom, the serious work was done by a contractor, but the patching, sanding, priming, taping, painting, accessorizing, and matching towels from memory… that was ALL ME, BABY!!!

  3. Hi Melissa!

    I discovered you won my Ultimate Blog Party Prize! Please contact me and I will get to work with you on that!

    arbonnebystacey (at) hotmail (dot) com

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