1. Wow, you get a lot of blogging done! I wish I could blog just as much! Thanks for the info on the layout design, I was rather curious as to how you got it to look so spiffy.

    Your boys are just precious! I was almost born on St. Patrick’s Day, just a few hours short of it. Sadly, in the world my birthday is known as National Hangover Day, the day AFTER St. Patrick’s Day.

    We’re Irish, too. Well, my husband is. I know I have some in me somewhere, but I couldn’t tell you any more than that. Our last name is Plunkett, and from what I’ve been told by my husband’s family, it’s a deep-rooted Irish name. Apparently his family are realtors over in Ireland.

    It’s so much fun to celebrate the holiday when you really ARE Irish!

    And by the way, I hope your boys had great birthdays!

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