Clean Slate

I saw this yesterday in my quiet time and knew that so many more people could enjoy this if I shared it with you all. What a beautiful gift we have been given…this Easter weekend accept the gift and have Him wipe your slate completely clean.
The person who is forgiven only a little will love only a little. ~Luke 7:47

To believe we are totally and eternal debt free is seldom easy. Even if we’ve stood before the throne and heard it from the king himself, we still doubt. As a result, many are forgiven only a little, not because the grace of the King is limited, but because the faith of the sinner is small. God is willing to forgive all. He’s willing to wipe the slate completely clean. He guides us to a pool of mercy and invites us to bathe. Some plunge in, but others just touch the surface.

~Max Lucado, Everyday Blessings March 20


  1. i love that !

    I first heard it in a Beth Moore Bible study. It made such an impact on my life.

  2. What an awesome gift- because we surely don’t deserve it!!
    Happy Easter to you and your family

  3. Great visual for a forgiven sin. I think many (including myself) see our slates as partially clean… not completely. I’m so thankful God sees it completely clean!

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