Welcome Mommies United Mega Launch Party

Mega Launch Party!

Hey There Everyone from the Mommies United Mega Launch Party!!!

Welcome to Mel’s World, my name is Melissa Mashburn and I wanted to take a minute to say THANKS to each and every one of you for stopping by! Each and every day there is something goofy, funny, or down right amazing that happens in each and every one of our lives. Mel’s World is a place for me to share with you my love for Christ, for my family, and for my friends. Faith, Family, Friends, Live, Laugh, Love are the cornerstone’s of what Mel’s World is all about.

I hope you take some time this week to stay and visit a bit! I would love to hear from you! In honor of your coming to visit I have a a mommy gift set that I would like to Give Away this week…check it out below!

Prize Package Includes
– “Minute Meditations for Busy Moms” book by Emilie Barnes

– a Success from Home 2008 Magazine
– a pretty multi-colored journal for you to write your thoughts in
– a pretty gel pen
– and a packet of cappuccino to enjoy while reading your book.

I’d also like to take a minute to invite you to come back on Sunday’s for my weekly devotional called “Speak to My Soul Sunday“. Each and every week I take a thought and an idea (real life) and tie it all together with God’s word and His truth. It would be an honor for me to have you come and visit.

I would like to take one more minute to let you know about another blog I write called Mel’s World Travel Biz . It would be so cool if you would stop by and visit me over at my “work” blog.

You can click here and check out the give away I am hosting over there!!! Make sure you stop by and spend some time visiting me there too, I have some great information and stuff ready for those of you who are looking to work from home!

Welcome to Mel’s World,


  1. What a great giveaway! I’m off to check out the party, I hadn’t heard of this one. Thanks!

  2. so nice to meet you!! stop by our party post if you get a chance!! happy easter!!

  3. fun stuff! i once went to a small conference with emilee barnes as the speaker. she was so wonderful!

    will you be keeping your recent study links up for awhile? i may try to read through them since i missed the study at our church. i love me some beth moore!!

  4. Thanks for the referral! I hadn’t seen anything about this before! Emilie Barnes ROCKS!

  5. thanks for the giveaway. i just love stopping by your blog to look at these great colors!

  6. Count me in! Sounds great! I had not heard of the party.


    Hope your Easter was wonderful!


  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I hope you having fun with the party. You blog is beautiful and I’m glad to have found it!

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