My Redeemer Lives

There are no words that can express my deep gratitude for what this day means to me and my family. In light of it being Easter Sunday today’s Speak to My Soul will be short, sweet, and simple…

My Redeemer Lives!!!

We sat with our two boys tonight and watched “The Passion of the Christ”, it was the boys first time watching it. We knew it would be emotional, but we felt strongly that it was time for them to “see it”.

As we all sat and wept we were reminded that in spite of the pain, in spite of our sins, that He Lives and He Loves Each and Every One of Us (including YOU!)

Isaiah 53:5

But he was pierced for our transgressions,

he was crushed for our iniquities;

the punishment that brought us peace was upon him,

and by his wounds we are healed.

What an amazing love that is! Sit for a few minutes and watch this video and rejoice with me as we celebrate today, EASTER Sunday!

Beyond Blessed,


  1. I’ve been thinking lately when to show that movie to my kids! Their both a little young yet, but I know that it will impact them! Friday at church they just saw a clip if it and I was able to have a talk with them about it! Have a Blessed Easter! CHRIST IS RISEN!!

  2. I was just telling a friend that I want to see that movie again. It really brings to life Christ’s sacrifice.
    Happy Easter!

  3. I agree. Our youngest saw The Passion for the first time too. We watched it on Good Friday!

    Blessings to your family and Happy Easter Mel!



  4. I saw just a portion of it again the other day. Such a powerful film.
    Have a blessed Easter.

  5. That is a powerful movie.
    I also love this song. We taught this song to our congregation this morning – although it was a different version. Love those words!

  6. He is risen! Have a blessed day!

    P.S. My goody packet came yesterday from your scavenger hunt. Thanks so much!!

  7. It’s been a wonderful Easter here, this morning was a beautiful service and sermon that literally brought me to tears, tonight is a communion service. I hope your day is blessed!
    Happy Easter.

  8. Great post my friend. I’ve been out a while and glad to be back and catch up with old posts.
    Happy Easter!

  9. It really is overwhelming what’s been done for us and what we’ve been spared!

    Hope you had a wonderful Easter!!

  10. Such a powerful movie, a powerful song….and what a POWERFUL Savior!

    We are so Blessed as we remember why He came, Why He died and now lives!!

  11. I really enjoyed your post. Very nice! I have not seen that movie yet. I have been wanting too, but just have not yet. I should rent from netflix and see it soon.

    I seen your post through Mari’s blog.

  12. We have been thinking about letting our son watch it for the first time too.

    Love love this song. Thank you.

    Happy day to you !!

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