Sunday at the Beach

Hey there everyone!!! We are having such a great time, and as I promised, I am going to share this vacation with you and show you lots of pictures. Are you still singing the Go-Go’s song in your head?

So, here goes…I wanted to walk you through our day as a family on Sunday (3/30) .

This is the Ft. Myers Beach coastline…Matt & Bailey took this picture out on their morning walk.

Here is the view from MY beach chair…no clouds, amazing!

Check this out, we went to a great little island restaurant called Loggerheads (you’d love it here Kat) for dinner. My dad is completely addicted to these silly claw machines (and he wins almost every time too) so when we saw this we knew we HAD to take a picture. It is a claw machine where you catch your own lobster dinner. They cook it up and add fries, drink, and another side for $5. Is that crazy cool or what?
And after a nice long day at the beach what could be better than an amazing sunset!

We are safely in Orlando and getting ready to head out to Universal Studios for the day! Yippee! The kids are excited about all the roller coasters, I, on the other hand, am not (eek! they scare me), but hey, there are many sacrifices you make as a mom, right?

Are you wondering how we are able to get away for 9-days? If you want to find out “Why This Business” is so amazing go over to my travel blog, Mel’s World Travel Biz, and find out how we are able to take a 9-day vacation at a fraction of the retail cost.

Hope you are having a Terrific Tuesday…can’t wait to show you some more pics!

Off to Ride the Rides,


  1. Wow … that sunset ! STUNNING !

    How were the roller coasters ? Did you make it on any ? I loooooove roller coasters !! LOVE LOVE LOVE them !!

  2. What beautiful pictures. I still am going to watch the DVD you sent – Life’s been really busy this last week!

  3. Thanks Denise!

    Bonnie, I am not a roller coaster girl, never really have been, but the older I get the more motion sick I get (which stinks!).

    Mari, that’s fine…I’ll be here when you get time to watch it. It really explains EVERYTHING!

    Cheri, I know, it’s crazy, but none of us likes lobster, so it was just something funny for us to look at during dinner.

    Ally, the sunsets on the west coast of Florida are simply stunning!

  4. Hi Mel

    Looks like you are having a WONDERFUL holiday … I pray you will be refreshed, revitalised and in the midst of it, would hear from God!



  5. Welcome to my neck of the woods! I live in Central Florida!

    We LOVE the ocean! We are actually shopping for a boat. We used to own one (before kids) and we loved to go saltwater fishing. We would put in at Cape Canaveral, but the west coast is BEAUTIFUL!

    We just got back from a vacation in Utah! First time seeing snow and I can tell you, as a Florida girl, March is when I want to see snow. I actually took my jacket off more than a few times! It was HOT! (We didn’t ski, just snowmobiling, tubing, playing) The hubs had so many points and miles the entire trip was free except for the activities!

    Keep having fun on your vacation!

  6. WOW.. how I wish I was right there on that beach..
    enjoy your vacation.. it looks so beautiful..

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