Shopping, On the Road, and Orlando

All day Monday was spent on the road to our next destination – ORLANDO (the entertainment capital of the WORLD…yep, the world). But before we could go to Orlando we needed to take a side trip to the outlet mall. Yes, seriously, I am one blessed woman, ALL the men in my family like to shop. (wink wink)

After being on the road for 3 hours and shopping for 2 hours we were all so VERY ready to check into our resort to unpack and relax. Here is a view of the building we are staying at (I love the pink, palm trees, and what is coming up behind the doors…see below).

Here is a view from the front of our door…I love the contrast of the pink, white, and palm trees…too cute!

Here is the KIDS Suite (not a kids suite but totally fabulous!)…they’re room is joined to ours.

Here is one side of the Master Suite (I LOVE it…there are these two cute little chairs in the corner, great for some coffee and reading).

Here is the other side of the Master Suite, yep, that’s a jacuzzi tub (LOVE IT!)!

We have been so very excited about this time away with the boys…we are very well aware of the fact that we are on the “count back” years with our boys (Nick will be going to college in 4 1/2 years and Bailey in 6 1/2 years). While they are not leaving next year we don’t want to take for granted the time we have left with them before they grow up and become “adults”.

I can’t wait to share with you some of the funny things that have happened, the things we have been getting into, and some of the lessons we are learning together!

There’s so much more to show you more about the resort we are staying at…Also, are you wondering how we are able to get away for 9-days? If you want to find out “Why This Business” is so amazing go over to my travel blog, Mel’s World Travel Biz, and find out how we are able to take a 9-day vacation at a fraction of the retail cost and also write off 60% of it on our taxes (because we have our kids with us, otherwise it would be a total write off).

Totally Exhausted and Ready to Crash,


  1. Wow…great rooms! It sounds like you’re having a good time. I want to hear more!


  2. It looks just wonderful – I’m so glad you are having a good time! Those men in your life are pretty good, agreeing to shop on vacation!

  3. Fun!!!
    We hit the outlet malls in Orlando! My SIL saw the coach outlet and decided to spend the day shopping while we went to Sea World. We picked her up and she had so many bags she was about to fall over! It was great!

  4. Wow, that room looks to inviting! I’ll be there sometime today! LOL! I wish!!! Have a great time, I just may have to look at the website of yours!

  5. Sounds fun and looks great. Although I’d prefer the tub to be behind a door! 🙂

  6. Both of my sisters live in the Orlando area.

    I love the pic of the sunset. Beautiful

  7. Denise, thanks for always being so encouraging!

    Kat, there are so many amazing things to do here in Orlando, but part of me just wants to stay and enjoy the resort!

    Mari, yep, they all love to shop…actually we generally only shop on vacation, when we are home we hardly ever go to the mall. So I guess it is a fair trade.

    Kim, I would love it if you guys were here…it would be so awesome to get the bloggy buddies together for a weekend, wouldn’t it?

    Linda, I would too, but there are three doors to our Master Suite, so as long as they are ALL closed it’s not so bad in the jacuzzi tub.

    Karolee, LOVE your new blog and didn’t know your sisters were here in Orlando…very cool!

    Cheri, we are having fun in Orlando, we spent one day at the pool (coming in today’s post) and then yesterday at Islands of Adventure (I have blisters on my feet…boohoo). Thanks!

  8. Wow. Looks like heaven to me. Well, if Florida could be heaven, that is! You almost got me interested in the travel biz. Almost. 🙂

  9. Hi Mel…The room looks great. It looks like you are having a great vacation. Enjoy it to the max….Jules

  10. Oh Wow What a gorgeous room!! I love it! Sounds like you all are having a super Blessed time. the pictures are wonderful! Thanks for sharing your trip with us:)

  11. Wow that looks like the ultimate suite, I don’t think I’ll ever stay at such a beautiful resort… Have a great time…

  12. How AWESOME is that! Color me green. You totally had me at ‘shopping mall outlet’. Those 3 words induce permasmirk my friend!

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