Fun at the Pool

We have been having such a great time in Orlando these last couple of days, and I love being able to share our vacation and pictures with you all. We like to break up our vacation with a day at the park then a day at the pool (and I mean ALL day). So I wanted to share with you some of the pictures from our pool days (Tuesday and Today). Hope you enjoy!
Here is a picture of the main pool area with clock tower. We ate at the little restaurant under the brown tent tonight for dinner.

Here is a picture of the “Fountain Pool”…on the back side of the pool it leads out to a beautiful little gazebo on a dock of a little lake. It is so quiet and relaxing out there!

Here is a picture of the waterfall and clock tower…we actually spent about 4 hours in that exact spot on Tuesday while the kids ran all over the pool area and had fun! Let’s just say I finished one of my books from the Spring Reading Thing already! (yeah!)

This afternoon we sat on this side of the waterfall and enjoyed sitting at a table with some lounge chairs beside it for relaxing and light reading! It was a little overcast today which was perfect…at this point we are all sporting a nice healthy “glow” from all the sun!

It started in with a little sun shower on Tuesday so we found ourselves this “PERFECT” little spot under the waterfall. Isn’t it just beautiful?

It’s hard to believe that while we are relaxing and enjoying ourselves as a family that we are also enjoying the benefits of our new travel business. Tomorrow we are going back to the parks to ride some more rides, take in more shows, and have fun being silly! I LOVE IT!

Can’t you just see yourself hanging out at this pool all day?
Here’s the deal…If you are remotely interested I can show you how we have been able to enjoy this amazing 9-day vacation for a fraction of what the retail cost is?
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Relaxed and Sunburned,


  1. okay keep rubbing it in.

    I am ready to buy a ticket and high tail it out of this gray sky gloomy day state. You know I am loving the pictures. You brighten my day.

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