Welcome to South Florida

I wanted to take a minute to walk you through life in South Florida

We have stunning sunrises here on Ft. Lauderdale Beach

An incredible nightlife in the Deco District of Miami

Lots of great outdoors activities in the Florida Everglades

We also have 97 degrees in May at 3pm…this was taken while I was on my way to pickup my kids from school yesterday, can we say MELTING HOT!!!

Oh yeah, one last thing we get to enjoy here in South Florida…GAS at $3.84 (this was last week…it’s up to $3.94 today) and it cost me $100.00 to fill up my tank on my truck! Yikes!!!

It’s enough to make you laugh sometimes, ya know, but who can complain…it’s just part of it, right? Thanks for taking a peek into my world for a bit.

Welcome to another part of Mel’s World,


  1. Hey Mel, I want to be there. Well at least for the sunsets. (not the 97 degrees)

    We are at 3.99.

  2. Living in Florida is wonderful. We love it.

    I just posted about gas prices today too. I paid $4.0999 yesterday. Who knows what it was today. With us living in a “resort” town and with it being a holiday weekend, I imagine it will go much higher. Yikes!


  3. I think I could handle living in Florida LOL
    Here in my part of Ohio we might have hit 50 degrees yesterday as a high and gas as of Monday when I filled the tank was $3.99 Though I have a smaller tank and it only took $55

  4. Hey, you should have joined us for Tour Tuesday! This would have been perfect!!

    I have to confess, I’m a little envious of your temps. We very rarely get that warm, even at the height of summer. Sigh. And we have no endless white sand beaches. Si-i-igh.

  5. We live in Ca..$4.09 is the going price, I did see $4.11 at a corner store and just about fainted…good thing we dont go anywhere unless we really have to..

  6. Hi Mel,
    Thanks for visiting my blog last Saturday~summer break has gotten me way behind on blogging and visiting!

    I loved your pictures and was mentally packing my bags until you mentioned gas and the temp. Maybe Georgia isn’t so bad after all!

    Have a great holiday weekend!

  7. Oh I wish I was there where you are! I love hot weather!
    Here in north Alabama gas is 3.76 a gallon!
    And BTW, I am an Auburn fan through and through!

    Have a great weekend!

  8. Hi Mel,
    I am finally taking time to actually comment on your BLOG. I have been admiring it for a few months since my BLOG birth. I live in Tampa, not quite so far south but my car thermostat read 91 degrees yesterday morning at 6:30 am!!! I had an early morning meeting and was picking up bagels in the rain (or should I say humidity) in Tampa. My honey and I confessed today that the HEAT IS ON!! The good new is that we have about 4 pretty hard to handle months but the rest are PARADISE!! Don’t you agree??!!
    Have a great holiday weekend!

  9. Love the sunsets! You can keep the temps. I think I will keep our 60’s and 70’s. I don’t like hot temps. GAs prices are about the same here. Fortunately, I drive a rather fuel efficient car!

  10. $3.84 where did you pay that LOW price? Are you kidding I filled up 2 days ago and I paid $3.91 a gallon…. Man the pocket is hurting with the gas increases.
    but who’s complaining?

  11. No thanks I like it here in Michigan right now for a change, 70 oh yeah:)
    I might come in the winter for a visit though.

  12. We spent many times in Florida while I was growing up. I had relatives in Deerfield Beach. I love Florida. Boy is it hot in May. It’s hot here in Hawaii but not this hot. We are only up to about 80 by now.

  13. HI Mel

    Florida looks pretty cool … anywhere where there is water does it for me … I grew up on the coast and I just love the water.

    Here is thought on the price of Gas in America … it is HALF the price of gas in NEw Zealand!

  14. Hi Mel! Florida looks like a cool (hot?) place to live. However, I don’t think I’d be happy with 97 degrees in the evening. 97 degrees in the day does me in. But the beach and the water, that sounds divine!

    Thanks for the tour!

    Happy day,

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