Then Sings My Soul – 6/28/08

One of the very first Christian bands that touched my heart was THIRD DAY! We went as a family down to Beach Fest with Luis Palau a couple of years ago and were able to stand in the front and worship with tens of thousands of others on the beach at night on the Ft. Lauderdale strip.

It was truly historic…you see, Ft. Lauderdale is not exactly known to be a “Bible Belt” area and the fact that the Beach Fest weekend brought in hundreds of thousands of people was just another example of how God is moving mountains (ok, not mountains, but maybe beaches) down here in South Florida.

That night we were able to take our two sons, then only 8 and 10, and enjoy a night of worship and one of our favorite songs is “GOD OF WONDERS“. So, in light of the fact that He is still so amazing and wonderful I thought this week’s Then Sings My Soul Saturday’s song choice would be Third Day singing God of Wonders.

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I’m still in AWE,


  1. WHat an awesome worship song! Yours is the second blog I visited on this week’s TSMS and the other posted a Third Day song as well (Kim @ Seasons of my heart). They are such a talented band!! Thanks for sharing, it was fun stopping by to visit!

    Enjoy your Saturday…

  2. Great song. I love this one, too. Your story about Beach Fest was pretty neat. God is a mountain / beach mover, isn’t he. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Our Lord is amazing…may we never lose that sense and pass this on to our children…blesings,

  4. Third Day is our son’s favorite band. I think he has every CD! Their song Creed is also how I learned the Apostles Creed! Wonderful song!

  5. Great song. Great story. This is one of my favorites this week on TSMSS. Mary Lyndsey, our 4 year old, says this is a nice song. God Bless. Greg

  6. Mel…What an aMazing intro to this aMazing Third Day song…the video does leave you in AWE! Even though, it’s the 2nd Third Day, it’s not the same like mine…and I am really loving their music and that guy’s voice..on the other Third Day, I didn’t even know who it was singing & really wanted to know!(Comments told me) But this video really does declare HIS MAJESTY…exquisite choice! Thank you! Be blessed for blessing me!

  7. We love Third Day at our house. Brad Avery’s sister babysat for my step-children when they were younger. She also sang at our wedding.

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