Vacation Pics

I have finally got my computer updated with pictures from my last vacation, 9-days in Orlando, and have started to post them over at my travel blog, Mel’s World Travel Biz.

If you get some time come on over and check it out…

Mel's World Travel Biz

The BEST part about the whole trip was to be able to spend 9-days away from it all as a family.

How much better does it get?

Oh yeah, we that we were able to write it off on our taxes, get great deals on our park tickets, rooms, etc., and made 60% of the vendor commissions as well.

I LOVE my new business!

Happy Vacations,

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  1. I don’t always think people know about all the things to do in and around Orlando that don’t include mice and ears. It’s one of my favorite places to “play”!!

    🙂 Susan

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