Rainy Day Happiness

When it looks like this outside your office window…

This is one of the few things that can bring some happiness to your day…

A homemade Caramel Mocha (YUMMY!!!)

My recipe for a Homemade Caramel Mocha is…
1 cup of Southern Pecan coffee
1 cup of Hot Cocoa
a Tad (who knows what that really is) of Hazelnut Biscotti Creamer
2 Tbsp. of Fat Free Cool Whip
Drizzle Sugar Free Caramel on top

All I have to say is HOLY SMOKES, it’s delicious and a whole lot cheaper than $4 at my favorite coffee shop (don’t get me wrong they are still my favorite, but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!)



  1. I am sure if I liked coffee, this would be a keeper for me. I have to say, I love that picture of the window and your computer in it.



  2. Hi Mel

    I’ve been a bad blog friend lately…yes again. I’ve had fun though catching up with you tonight. I’ll have to give this recipe a try for sure. It sounds like a keeper!


    (I have a special award waiting for you. Stop by when you get a chance.)

  3. Wow- that sounds delicious. We had a rainy day Sunday and I have to say I enjoyed it. No pressure to be outside running the kids ragged so they will sleep through the night :o) hee-hee.

  4. I will take one of those.

    Yummy is right.

    My husband gets me a coffee every morning. Maybe I will give this a try. It sure would help on the budget. I need to start kicking this habit. NAY! just kidding.

  5. YOU are my new best friend. I have bookmarked this and can not wait to try it.

    YUM. O!

  6. I don’t even care for coffee much but that is sure looking tasty! Great photo! Makes me want to have one now!
    ~ Leanne

  7. YUM. Might have to make one of those myself! It doesn’t look like that outside my window just yet, but any second now, I imagine it will!!

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  9. Not a coffee drinker much, only when I really need the jolt of energy.. but I do LOVE rainey days, call it from growing up in Washington state but I do love storms I love lightining. That is the time I can really cozy down with the word, or a good christian book and be able to reflect.

  10. Mel, that looks just delicious. Why in the world did I come over here right now? Now I am craving some delicious little treat. Looks like me and some calories are going to be sleeping together tonight.

    Joanne :O)

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