Wordless Wednesday – Vacation Boredom

This is what happens when it rains a WHOLE day on vacation…boredom sets in and then guess what…you have a Bailey sandwich! Ha!

(I do have another son, but he’s 14 and well, he’s not so easily “coaxed” into being photographed.)

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Enjoy the Journey,


  1. Ha! All summers need a day or two of boredom. It’s funny to see what they come up with. Thanks for stopping by my blog; I always enjoying meeting someone new.

    (And your Caramel Mocha looks fabulous! With coffee like that at home, I’d never buy it elsewhere!)

  2. Mel stays bored at home! He just has to be running, jumping or something at all times!!

  3. Ha!

    Just popped by for a little hello!

    Happy almost Friday!


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