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WOW, I can’t believe just how long it has been since I did a “Transparent Tuesday”, and I guess this one could also be categorized as “Thoughtful Tuesday”, but I am dying to get out there and share a bit. (Ha, did you think of Pooh and his thoughtful spot when I mentioned ‘Thoughtful Tuesday’…I did!)

Any who, I haven’t actually been around in bloggy land a lot this summer. Oh, I have been here and there, and also peeking in on everyone, but I’ve been sort of out of it. Can anyone relate? You know…you want to visit, you want to chat, you want to catch up your bloglines, but life (summer) took over and there just isn’t a routine that drives you back to your schedule.

It’s funny, because, as moms (parents) we tend to think that it is only the kids that “need” a routine and a schedule, when in all reality almost every single one of us does better with one. I know, I know, some of you free spirited people are screaming at your computer right now (No I do not need a routine), but think about it…when do you feel most on top of your game? When do you have that ‘Woohoo! I got it going on’ feeling? When you accomplish certain things in your day, right?

All I am saying is this…I learned this past summer that I need the routine and schedule of the kids going back to school or I just fight and uphill battle each and every day to get up, get motivated, and get anything accomplished…you know why? No schedule, no routine, and no place I absolutely HAVE to be at.

So, here we are, 5 days into the school year and although I miss having my kids around all day there is a part of me that is excited about what this new ‘season’ is going to be about for all of us. What about you???

Back on schedule,

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