Thankful Thursday 12/11/08

Well, I started this post VERY early this morning, and the busyness of life jumped right in and now, here it is (8) hours later and I am finally able to finish it. Oh well, that’s how it goes some days, right?

So, it’s been a VERY long time since I’ve been a part of “Thankful Thursday” but I have been (& will always be) SO very thankful for all the blessings in my life. So, first off, let me say thank you to Iris for hosting Thankful Thursday’s!

Here is my list;
1) For God, the Creator of the Universe, and His love for me (and YOU!).

2) For my Husband (Matt), and our marriage! We’ve been married 15 years & it hasn’t always been easy, but he has been and will always be my very best friend!

3) For my Kids (Nick & Bailey)! Wow, what a blessing to be the mom of those two handsome, kind, gentle, and amazing young men. At 14 and 12 they teach me more about life, compassion, and generosity that I could ever have learned on my own. What a gift it is to be their mom!

4) For my Family! My mom, dad, sister, in-loves (in-laws), and extended family. As I have written (a lot) this week, it is such an amazing gift to have a BIG family, his side is almost 40 of us, and my side there are about 130+ of us…what a great big, crazy, mixed up, wonderful, loveable, and beautiful gift.

5) For My Grandmother and His Grandmother (G’ma & Granny) – Yep, we BOTH have a grandmother still with us and our kids get the honor of spending time with their great grandmother’s this Christmas season…I remember spending time with my great-grandparents, that was some of my most fond memories growing up.

6) For my new Church Home – (West Pines CC) we’ve waited a long time to feel connected to a body of believers again and know that God has brought us to a place where we can be loved unconditionally and that has been salve to our souls (thank you!).

7) For my Bestest Gal Pal/Sister Chicks/& God Chicks – We’ve been on a bumpy & exciting roller coaster over the last couple of years, but through and through you’ve been there for me when I needed to cry, laugh, grab coffee, and whatever else was needed. Thank you!

8) For God’s Word – I purposefully started with God and wanted to end with His Word. (Not that it is below the other things by any means, but I wanted to sandwich all the other blessings between God and His Word). I continue to grow closer to Him each and every day and am enjoying being on the journey with Him.

For more Thankful Thursday posts you can go visit Iris at Grace Alone…HERE!

Joy on the Journey,
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  1. I love that you sandwiched your thankful list with God and His Word. I often wonder how people get through life without a relationship with Him. A church family is so important too. I’m glad you found one where you can grow and fellowship with other believers. I’ve seen you on twitter and visited you from time to time. And yes, I had a great time at Women of Faith. Loved the speakers, worship and fellowship. I blogged quite a bit about it too.

  2. Hey Mel,

    Welcome back! I’ve missed you.

    Great TT list.

    I know we’re all busy these days, it’s always nice to stop a minute and give thanks.


  3. Mel – That is a really great list. Great time to stop and think about what really matters most to us as we get caught up in the busyness of the Christmas season.


  4. Debbie,
    Thanks so much! I am SO glad to her you had a great time at WofF too! It was incredible!

    Ahh, thanks so much, it’s nice to be back!

    It is SO good to see you! How are you?

    It is so true…NOW is the time to think about the things we are thankful for the most.

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