I Second That Emotion – Introduction Session

I Second That Emotion ~ Untangling Our Zany Emotions
By Patsy Clairmont

Hey There Wonderfully Wacky Women,

I hope you have your seat belts buckled and your tray tables in their upright position, because we are on the runway getting ready to take off on this amazing adventure! We had two great classes in South Florida yesterday (2/12) and I can’t wait to get you guys started too!

Here’s what we are going to do for those of you who are joining us in the friendly skies of the internet (for the record I have NO idea why I am using SO much flight talk…just like it, ha!). Actually I think I am just now starting to think clearly (at 12:30am, go figure) after being sick for the last 4 days, PLUS I am super excited about this book!

So, here’s what the Book Study is going to look like for you (my online friends). Every Friday we will meet here in Mel’s World to discuss any comments, thoughts, or a-ha! moments from the lessons and study guide (see below for the weekly schedule). If you are doing this with a group of chicks in your neck of the woods I would suggest that you guys meet together on Friday’s to discuss it together (just an idea).

Also…have you heard of SKYPE? If not…now’s the time. It is truly amazing! We can stop here in Mel’s World on Friday’s (after 11am EST) to review the post for the week. I am going to come up with some questions, thoughts, quotes from the sessions for that week and then at 1pm (EST) we’ll do a SKYPE instant message chat room. It will be our very own VIRTUAL SMALL GROUP…how cool is that? With real time chatting going on! WooHoo!

Here’s how that looks…if you email me at
shopatmelsworld@gmail.com with your name and Skype name (handle) then I can add you to a group. This way even if you can’t make the group session you will be able to log onto Skype and see the message notes from that day’s chat session.
  • What do you think?
  • Do you like it?
  • Is that something that will work for you?
This way you can read the book from your home in California, Michigan, Texas, South Africa (wherever you are) and participate at another level…I JUST LOVE technology, don’t you?

If…there isn’t enough interest in the chat room on Skype then we will just keep to leaving comments on the blog. Either way, I DO want you to come to the blog, post a thought, check in with a thought or two, then join us in Skype chat if you can make it.
(I picked 1pm [EST] because I wanted to make sure our West Coast chicks could join in too!)


That being said…we’re going to do a little “Get To Know You” game today!

Leave a comment with the answers to the following questions;

  1. Your name
  2. A word (that starts with the first letter of your name) that describes you.
  3. What state you live in
  4. and as a child your favorite childhood dream was…

I’ll start…

  1. Melissa
  2. Marvelous
  3. Sunny South Florida
  4. I wanted to be Wonder Woman when I grew up (don’t laugh, it’s true!)

See…that was easy, right…now it’s your turn!


So, grab your book and get started, below you will see the schedule for the meetings so you can stay up to date with us. This study can be as much or as little as YOU want. You can make it light and fluffy or you can dig a little deeper to get to some REAL core issues.

I would just urge you to take the time to do this study as it is laid out. With the DVD clips, the book, the study guide, and now the group…well, let’s just say, by the end let’s hope we’ve got our rubber band emotions all untangled so we can SHINE for Him!


Friday’s ~ Online in Mel’s World
11am (EST) blog open for comments & 1 pm (EST) on Skype Chat (Instant Message Group)

2/13 – Intro to Book Study (NO Skype Chat today, send email with Skype name)
2/20 – 1pm – Session 1 & 2

2/27 – Praise & Coffee Girlfriends Night (no book study)
-> fellowship event in South Florida

3/6 – 1pm – Session 3 & 4
3/13 – 1pm – Session 5 & 6
3/20 – 1pm – Session 7 & 8
3/27 – 1pm – Session 9 & 10

4/3 – 1pm – Session 11, 12, & 13


Seeking the JOY on the Journey,

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  1. Wow Melissa this is going to be soooo fun!

    Name: Depends on when you met me, but Susan [others know me as Storm]

    Since both start with “S” its easy: Smart

    State: Redeveloping Itself New York

    Childhood Dream: Always wanted to be a teacher and speaker before large audiences

    Can’t wait to read the others when they get to the site!

    Blessings and hugs,

  2. I am really looking forward to this study. Mel, thanks for all your hard work in putting this together.

    Name: Hope

    State: MI

    Childhood dream…
    To perform on Broadway.

  3. Mel, I have had such a great time getting to know you on the net! (looking forward to meeting you in person at Praise and Coffee this month!)

    Name is Sandra
    S would be for sincere since I really care about others.

    State I live in is the Sunshine State too, just more north of you!

    Childhood dream was to be a singer and a mommy.

    Hello everyone! Glad to meet you all!

    Sandra Hersey

  4. Hey, Mel! I agree with Hope. Am looking forward to this and thanks for all your hard work. It’s appreciated.

    Name: Lynn
    Hmmm…Love (yuck! sounds so trite)
    Looney might fit better! LOL!

    State: The beautiful bluegrass of Kentucky

    Childhood dream: At one time, wanted to be an actress. Strange dream for one so painfully shy!

    Blessings Mel for a great study!

  5. Hey there Melissa! This is my first on line bible study. I am very excited about it.

    My name is Cat.
    Hmmmm how about courageous!
    I now live in the friendly state of Tx. My childhood dream honestly was to be a Dallas cowboy cheerleader! ha!

  6. 1. Lorrie
    2. Lovable
    3. Michigan
    4.I wanted to be a all star reporter reporting the news

    I don;t have the book but am looking forward to doing this and making new friends

  7. My name is Lucy.
    Sometimes I’m Loopy.
    I live in the Land of Lincoln: Illinois!
    I dreamed of being Olga Korbat, but better HA!, with gold medals around my gymnast bod. Didn’t happen. But I’ve walked Red Square!

  8. this is going to be so much fun and man do I ever need it!!!

    Ok, here goes


    brave (sometimes-depending on the situation, but since turning 40 I’ve become even braver)

    South Carolina

    When I was younger I wanted to be a teacher (just ask all of my stuffed animals) and a Mommy!

    So looking forward to getting to know everyone!!

    Thanks Mel!!

  9. WOW!!! I am so excited by this week’s answers! How incredible to see us get together from all over the world (and yes, there are some of you who have NOT answered publicly but are doing the study with us, that’s ok too!).

    I love your Childhood Dream…I can SO see it and love that God is blessing you with that now!

    I can SO SEE you on Broadway girl…you have that certain “je ne sais qua” (not sure if spelled it right, but I KNOW I said it right…3 years of French class baby) about you!

    From my home state…love having another KY gal hanging around! And yes, Looney might be a better fit, ha!

    WooHoo, Howdy Neighbor! I can so see “s” standing for “Sincere” for you, you’ve always been that way with me! Thank you!

    Don’t mess with Texas girl! Glad to have you here! Can’t wait to meet your TX peeps!

    Had to chuckle about wanting to be a teacher (just ask my stuffed animals)…reminds me of some of the fun adventures we had growing up too!

    Loopy huh? I like it! It could work for me too…ha! I didn’t even know who Olga Korbat was, but I trust she must have been amazing!

    Ahh, lovable, how sweet is that! I love it! So very cool, an all star reporter, it always looked so glamorous didn’t it?

    WooHoo!!! We are off and running, make sure you get me your Skype names and let me know if that is something that you want to do together!

    Have a blessed week! ~Melissa

  10. I don’t have Skype on my computor but I know my daughter has it on the kids computer so I will check into soon.

    1. Jennifer
    2. Joyful
    3. Michigan
    4. to be a mommy.

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