Speak to My Soul Sunday – Song "Lead Me to the Cross"

Happy Sunday Everyone! I pray that you are having an amazing Valentine’s / President’s Day weekend! This morning at church we sang this amazing song, and before we talk about the Speak to My Soul Devotional this week I wanted to share this Speak to My Soul Song.

So many times worship music takes me right to the heart of the matter and this song is just another great example of the words of my heart coming out.

I pray you sit back, crank up the music, and pour out your heart to God through the words of this song by Hillsong called “Lead Me to the Cross“.

Seeking JOY on the Journey,

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  1. Great post. Thanks for sharing from the Word of God and making it very practical and personal. Blessings as you walk with the Lord.

  2. I came across you site and just love it.I forgot to say that I linked to my site, faved you on Technorati and am following you. I have raised and released 2 great and godly men into the adult world. I write a daily blog to encourage moms in the fine art of Christian mothering and I have taught a Bible study for MOMS for nearly 20 years now. I do love me some mommas! Click over and link to me if you feel we are like-minded. Blessings.

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