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Good leadership is a channel of water controlled by God; he directs it to whatever ends he chooses. (Proverbs 21:1 TM)

Welcome back to Mom Works at Home. It has been an exciting couple of months and it is my prayer that you are growing in your walk with Him as you grow as a mom who works at home. This month we’re talking specifically about “Leadership” and the principles you can apply to your life as you work from home.

At first glance you might jokingly say, “Why do I need to know about leadership, I am a work at home mom, who am I leading?” My answer may surprise you, but you are leading the very most important you can lead, yourself. It is so easy when you work at home to become complacent and almost stagnant in so many things. Which is why we spent January talking about “getting it together” in your
schedule and your priorities then February we talked about “take care of you” by working on your quiet time and exercise regimen.

Leadership is something we all do each and every day and if we aren’t careful we may end up spinning our wheels. Instead of actually going in the direction that we intend, or better yet, God intends for us, we don’t know where we are going So, let’s take some time today to sit down and chat about a very important “leadership” topic; reading.

Are you with me?
I heard an incredible statistic the other day. It said that over 80% of the population will never pick up a book after they graduate (college or high school). That just blows my mind. There is so much amazing information at our fingertips and 80% of the population is just going to sit back and let it slip through their fingers. A sure sign of a leader is someone who is reading. I always used to tell my ministry teams that “Leaders are readers, and readers always end up as a leader“. I’ve seen it put into practice so many times.


For the rest of the column on “Leaders are Readers” head on over HERE to Take Root & Write. If you have never been over to Take Root & Write I would strongly encourage you to spend some time over there today, they are a fabulous group of godly women with terrific insights, warm friendships, and a heart for Him.

There’s also a Ning group called Christian Women Take Root where you can meet other Christian women from all over the world, connect, share, care, and pray for each other. I love it over there and I am sure you will too!

Seeking JOY on the Journey,

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