The coolest thing happened this Easter…

I am not sure if I have mentioned this or not…but I am “officially” back in ministry as a paid staff position. After much prayer and a “Divine” appointment from God the opportunity for me to work at our local church part time popped up. I am now the Kids Ministry Director for our church and I have to say that I am excited about the possibilities of doing ministry at a smaller church.

I’ve done Kids Ministry at a mega church with multiple campuses and have dealt with all that it encompasses so when the call came to go to our new church and serve there in that capacity I figured God was preparing me for a new journey.

Little did I know that this journey would also be the beginning of a new journey for my kids too. My husband was already on staff as a Pastor at this church and we were adjusting to this new call on our lives, just as any family would.

This past weekend, EASTER weekend, I had my boys (Nick 15 and Bailey 13) help me out in the kids classrooms. They serve regularly, have a heart for ministry, for kids, and their church, so I really didn’t have any expectations other than they would do great like they always do.

On our way home from this incredible weekend I was talking to Bailey in the car and we were just having our weekend “recap” of the classroom & the kids when Bailey said that something truly amazing happened in the 2nd-5th grade room where he was serving.

He was a small group leader for a group of kids and he was talking with them about Jesus and asked if anyone in the group wanted to ask “Jesus into their heart”. A sweet little 2nd grade girl raised her hand and asked if he would pray with her. He asked the group to bow their heads then continued to lead this little girl in the prayer of salvation.

I KNOW…are you beaming with me here???
I asked him, “Bailey, why didn’t you tell anyone?” to which he said, “well, how do I know if she ‘really’ prayed the prayer in her head?”. I told him that was a great question, but that is not something that any of us would know, that is was between her and God…his part was to be available to lead her in the prayer, and he did!
I explained to him that at that moment the angels in heaven were praising and partying as they celebrate this new member of God’s family. I then just poured out my heart to him and told him that he was RIGHT where God wanted him to be on Easter Sunday and congratulated him on being used by God for God.

Is that incredible? A 13 year old boy leading a 2nd grade girl (which is how old? 7 or 8) to Christ! I have to tell you that it just totally knocked my socks off…and yes, I am a super proud mama and just HAD to share this with you all!

Seeking JOY on the Journey and CELEBRATING every step of the way,

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  1. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! That is sooooo awesome! Thank you for sharing!!!! Having a child with a heart like that far surpasses one who can get straight A’s, be star of their football team or lead the marching band! This is my hearts passion – to raise children who are concerned with the things that God is concerned with – although I’ll take straight A’s too hehe!

  2. Praise God! I love the picture this is and the blessing for a Mama’s heart, too!!

    Praying for you in your new position in ministry, my Sister.


  3. Praise God! What a great Easter! Way to go Bailey! You were where God wanted you!!!

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