Up to my eyeballs with camp planning…

So, part of the reason I haven’t been around a lot or blogging a lot lately is because part of my ministry is running a Summer Camp (VBS) for the kids in our community.

Ya, I know!

I have never (ever) lead, prepared, or planned a VBS/Summer Camp before, and we are planning on 150 kids (from K5-5th grade) to come to ours.


It’s exciting, overwhelming, and awesome all at the same time, but…that hasn’t left me a lot of time to think about much of anything else, ha!

Would you please pray for me as we are 10 weeks out from camp and in need of volunteers to help us take these kids on an incredible adventure this summer.

And…if you have been a part of a planning team or lead a VBS for your church I would love to hear your insight, tips, or ideas.

Seeking JOY on the Journey,

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  1. We are doing this same VBS curriculum this year. Sadly, I am not able to be involved. Usually they pre-packaged curriculums are really good though in helping make things easier on all the volunteers. God bless.

  2. Hey Melissa,

    We are doing Crocodile Dock June 7-14. Paula has made a dynamite looking shack and we had a 8 x 20 swamp backdrop printed professionally on canvas type material. Paula also made 5 sets of Pylons and the 5 cypress stumps. (if you’ve got the kit, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about). We would be happy to loan them to you for your camp! Suzie

  3. Oh wow!!! This hits so close to home. For what ever reason the church that has been doing VBS o base for our military kids can’t do it this year. This breaks my heart several other churches have offered for us to go to their churches but the point of having it on base it for easy access for our kids.
    I have been volenteered to help do a VBS and I am so clueless, the base chaplin and others will be helping too, but if I need some help in a lesson plan can you share some of your tips and tricks you learn? I would be blessed and SUPER DUPER thankful.
    My kids when we were in VA Beach would often go to several VBS camps and they would learn so much and we would meet some really neat brothes and sister in Christ.

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