vLoG challenge

Well, we’re reaching NEW heights these days and apparently vLoGgInG is where it is at. Not sure I want to be where it is at, but in the desire to be Authentic, Real, and Transparent I decided to jump in on this.

Besides…I LOVE a good challenge and that is what some of my bloggy buddies, facebook friends, and writers at
Take Root & Write have done.
So, sit back, be prepared to get silly, and don’t make too much fun of me. ;D

While watching this vLoG do not drink any hot liquids – you might spill them on yourself while you laugh out loud. (heehee)

It’s SO nice to meet ya face to face…if you are up for the challenge, then I would love to see you do a vLoG too! If you do, please comment back and let me know so I can come visit you too!

PS – I did not choose the random pic it posted for the vLoG, believe me I would have chosen something a little more, more, … well, less silly looking, ha.

Seeking JOY on the Journey,

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  1. VERY cute, I loved it…Congrats on your first Vlog…hope to see more, you are just as personable on video as you are in your writing thats wonderful, you can just tell how much you love what you are doing.
    Have a wonderful God filled and blessed day.

  2. So cool!!!!!! I love these vlogs. I seen Sue's over at Praise and Coffee yesterday and even though I have met her in person it is fun to hear people instead of just reading what they are thinking about.
    You are just as sweet and cute as I thought you were! Promise to do more vlogs okay?

  3. Thanks Lisa and Jennifer…I have to tell you, it's harder to "put yourself out there" than I originally thought…and I can talk to a tree (lol).

    You both are soooo very sweet!



    Just to let you know I am still reading your blog and now I am another little red dot on your world map in good old South Africa.

    Just LOVE your new vlog and very excited to "hear" what you are up to.

    Miss You,

  5. I love your vLog! Fun! I tried this one time and I was less than enthusiastic about my webcam. I may have to try it again sometime. 🙂 Susan

  6. How cute is THAT? I love it! Nice to "meet" you, Melissa… thanks for adding me on fb. I look forward to reading much more of you. 🙂

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