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Inconvenient Waiting
By: Maria Egilsson
Today I am waiting for the plumber to come. What an inconvenience! With a houseful of my son’s teenage friends who are spending a few days with us during this school break; this could not have happened at a worse time. 
Calling the emergency “plumber” line last night I wanted help immediately. Yes, I was willing to pay the extra after-hours costs because I wanted it fixed “now”. 
The plumber encouraged me to wait until morning. He said being careful in flushing the toilets and not running the dishwasher should hold us off until the next day. The only ones laughing were the 5 teenage boys who were checking out secluded trees in our back yard if they had to use the toilet. I quickly nixed that notion as I dug up paper plates and disposal cups from the depth of the cupboards so that I could continue to feed this hungry horde.

Waiting is hard work as I’m conscious of the limitations imposed while I’m waiting.  This morning my thoughts turned to God as I begin to see spiritual truths in this very mundane, every day event. 

God will bring our life to some kind of “stand-still” in order to get our attention.   How often we want Him to intervene immediately, to have Him fix it “now”. God knows that there are things that we need to learn so He delays His intervention. 
As we begin to wait on Him we find that we begin to adjust our lives to that wait. Waiting is definitely not passive nor is it inactive. Necessary alterations are made during this time. This is a problem we cannot fix ourselves and so we see how dependent we really are. We don’t pick the times when we want God to work in our lives. He comes according to His will not at our convenience.

We are just beginning to experience spring after a long Prairie winter. The plumber thinks that tree roots may be blocking the pipes. And as I pause to ponder, I begin to think that when God begins to move and stir within us there is new growth that He wants to bring into our lives.  
This means that some things have to change; have to move. There is a shifting that takes place, a change in attitude, in character, in commitment and circumstances.

Waiting on Him is when our soul begins to be quiet in order to hear what He is saying. There is a sense of surrendering to His process and His timing.  There is a cost.   The “Plumber” will come at the appointed time and water will flow again as we orientate our lives back to Him.

I am God, and there is no other…My plan will take place, and I will do all My will..Yes I have spoken; so I will also bring it about.  I have planned it;  I will also do it.”  Isaiah 46:9-11
A Little Bit About Maria:
Maria has a passion to share the hope she has in Christ to women.  Through her ministry at www.thewoman2woman.com she encourages women to discover, develop and use the gifts that God has given them by offering workshops & training seminars.
Maria, I love that He has given you a story to share that each and every one of us can relate to! Thank you so much for sharing your heart with us today!
Each week I am blown away by just how timely that week’s Godly Gals message is and I pray that they are blessing you as much as they are me.
I’m still looking for more of you to jump in and join the ranks of the Godly Gals.  If you would like more information about writing something for the Godly Gals series, then send me a quick email to melsworldministry {at} gmail {dot} com.  
I look forward to hearing from you soon!
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  1. Maria is such a great blessing as she she shares her insights with such wisdom and truth……it's always a joy to read what she discovers in her close walk with God. Thank you again , Maria. Waiting for God's timing……not ours……yes…..we all must learn that !………..peace and love in Christ……Norma

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