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Sleeping Babies
By: Ali Bragdon

I minister to children for a living, but it is amazing to me how much I learn from them.  

Take the smallest of my kids, the babies. There is something angelic about a sleeping baby. Yet, I think we have so much to learn about their sleeping position. God is waiting to teach us something in every moment, everything we see and experience if we are open to His Word and His instruction (Proverbs 16:20).

Babies sleep with their hands thrown up, as in worship (Lamentations 3:41). As I look at this little blessing sent from heaven above, I’m reminded of how we should worship, with our hands thrown up in complete surrender. We should surrender all the love we have for Christ back to the Lord in worship. Worshipping through song, through our work, our service, our words, our love, through everything we do. We surrender all.

The other aspect of a sleeping baby that really moves me, is the peace you see in that sleeping face. There is no wrinkle in the nose, no worry between the eyes, no concern in the brows and no complaint in the lips. There is peace. I once heard it said that anger is of the flesh and peace is the fruit of the spirit, so which are you going to allow to have the power in you (Romans 15:13). That sleeping baby has chosen peace, doesn’t it look heavenly?

Peace produces worship and worship brings about peace. So where are you today? 

 Are you at the beginning of a crazy day wondering how much coffee it will take to power through? 
If so, might I offer up a different vision for you? 
A sleeping baby peacefully worshiping God. 
My prayer for you (and for me, cause I need the lesson, too) is that God will provide the peace. That He will allow us to slow down when we feel the anger begin to swell and instead choose peace (Psalm 34:14). That we will worship God in all we do, surrendering all. And at the end of this day, may we give God the glory and the honor for the peace that we feel and may we find our sleep somewhat resembles that of a baby. Amen.

Bio: Ali Bragdon is the wife of an incredibly brilliant man, the mom of three gifted and talented kids (yes, she admits she is biased) and the crazy lady that gets slimmed annually as the CommunityKIDZ Director at Community Christian Church.
Ali, what a sweet gift it is to have you stop by and visit with us today in Mel’s World. As my friend you know I think you are awesome, but as a woman chasing after God’s heart I love your passion to serve Him. Thank you for being a part of the Godly Gals series today!
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