Godly Gals ~ The Truth About Intimacy by: Sundi Jo

The Truth About Intimacy
By: Sundi Jo
When you hear the word intimacy what’s the first thing you think of? It’s ok – be honest.

From my experience most people seem to associate the word with romance. For example, “My husband and I were intimate last night.” But there is more to this powerful word than that. Let me explain.

Webster’s Dictionary defines intimacy as the state of being intimate; familiarity, or something of personal or private nature. Some examples they provide:

•    the intimacy of old friends
•    the intimacy of their relationship
•    He felt he achieved a certain intimacy with her.
•    The band like the intimacy of the nightclub.

Here is what I learned about intimacy and I think it makes so much sense.

Let’s break down the word a little bit more.

in to me you see (intimacy)
Intimacy is more than just romantic relationship between two lovers. It involves friendships at the deepest level too. I think this word has so much importance to me, because I didn’t always allow myself to have those relationships/friendships. We could be friends, but if you started to touch on the deeper issues, my walls would go up and I backed off. My fear of allowing others to know me for various reasons kept me from pursing intimate relationships.

But… God changed all that.

Here is my picture of intimacy when it comes to friendships:

•    Intimacy is allowing your friend to cry on your lap when she has no idea why she’s even crying.
•    Intimacy is that same friend letting you blow your nose on her sock, because there’s nothing else around and snot bubbles can be quite embarrassing.
•    Intimacy is laughing with that friend, thinking back on the time that she used your sock as a tissue.
•    Intimacy is telling your friend your deepest, darkest secrets, regardless of the fear that keeps you from wanting to do so, because you know that you are safe.
•    Intimacy is admitting your struggles to that friend without fear of judgment.
•    Intimacy is crawling up beside your friend when they are lying in a hospital bed just to hold their hand.
•    Intimacy is holding your friends hand at the funeral of their son.
•    Intimacy is understanding what’s on your friends heart even when they say nothing.
•    Intimacy is looking into their eyes and simply giving them encouragement, because you know that’s what they need.
The list goes on…

I find myself counting my blessings for the intimate relationships I have. I need to count them more. I hope you are able to count your blessings today.

What other examples of intimacy can you describe?

This is a guest post by Sundi Jo. She is a writer, speaker, and social media consultant, making her home in Branson, Missouri. You’ll either find Sundi Jo engulfed in the social media world, spending time with family and friends, running, hanging out in a pair of jeans, t-shirt, and flip flops, or writing for the Kingdom. You can also find her on Twitter and Facebook.
Love this…thanks so much Sundi Jo for sharing so transparently about intimacy…I absolutely love the “in to me you see” way of looking at it…incredible! I’m so thankful for you and what God is doing through you.
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