These Kids Need a Sponsor…is it YOU?

(photo credit: Sheila Englund)

This week I have been talking a lot about missions. This is not a regular thing for me, but here lately it has been something that has been on the forefront of my mind. On Monday I shared a little bit about how “He Created in Me a Heart for Missions“. I also talked a little bit about the family in my neck of the woods who is selling all their belongings and heading to Burkina Faso to minister to widows & orphans (I’ll be sharing more of their adventures soon). Then on Thursday I had my friend Ann Dunagan from Harvest Ministry, talking about “Seeking God’s Kingdom, not Selfishness!”

Yesterday I shared a little with you about our experience as a sponsor through Compassion. I talked about the trip my husband and youngest son, Bailey, took this summer and shared pictures and stories from the last few years as a Compassion sponsor.

I also mentioned that I was going to shoot straight from the heart…so here goes; God has been rocking my world lately. I mean grab me by my head and my feet and shaking me up…straight to the core of who I am. I’ve really been trying to make sense of it all, but one thing I know for sure. I can no longer sit around and pretend that one person can make a difference, when I KNOW that one person can.

This last trip to Guatemala this summer has opened the door for forty (40) more kids to be a part of the Compassion program in the 414 area of Guatemala (GU). Forty kids who have been living below poverty level in a very rural area of Guatemala now have an opportunity to be a part of the Compassion program.

Our church has already sponsored twenty (20) out of the forty (40)…and that’s great!!! But…I would really (really) love to see the other twenty (20) get sponsored as well. and this is where you come in.

We’ve decided as a church (and a family) that we are specifically partnering with GU414 and will be taking more trips to Guatemala through Compassion for many years to come.

What a great way to pour into the hearts of those in need while opening the door to a possibility of going to meet them just as we have. How awesome would that be?

I know it might not be a step that you are ready to take right now. I’d just like to ask you to pray about it. I’m going to post the pictures and info cards for the remaining twenty (20) kids that need to be sponsored.

Look over their pictures.
Pray over them.

Talk to your family about sponsoring one or more of them.

Look for Kids the same age as your kids.
Look for birthdays that have a significance to your life.
Sponsor them.
Write letters to them.

Connect with them.

This decision is one that can make a difference in the life of a child from now until forever…if you want more information about Compassion International and what they do, then just go to the Compassion website and find out anything you’d like to know.

Your tax-deductible contribution of just $38 a month connects your child with a loving, church-based Child Sponsorship Program that provides:

* Food and clean water
* Medical care
* Educational opportunities
* Important life-skills training
* Most important of all, your sponsored child will hear about Jesus Christ and be encouraged to develop a lifelong relationship with God.

If you decide to sponsor…please please please…write down the child number for one of these twenty (20) children below. Their child number starts with GU 414….

You can email me and I can put you in contact with the Compassion Advocate in my area that is helping these twenty (20) kids to get sponsored. Thanks so much for your prayers! ~ Melissa

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