They Can Choose To Go Their Own Way


Train up a child in the way he should go,
And when he is old he will not depart from it.
Proverbs 22:6 NKJV

Chances are if you’ve been around any mom of faith then you’ve probably rubbed up against this verse a few times. It’s sort of like the parenting “go-to” verse. It’s a great truth that I’ve clung to many times while raising my boys…but, there’s one part of it that I never fully was able to grasp until now.

Here’s what I’ve been learning on my twenty first year as a mama bear, we can train up them up–but they can choose to go their own way.

Gulp. That one has not been an easy pill to swallow for me. I have crossed all my t’s and dotted all my i’s along this parenting journey and truth be told, I thought I would get to this point and be able to sit back and rest in the fruit of those many years of godly parenting.

Go ahead, you can laugh out loud.
I did too.

Seriously, I just had to stop and laugh at myself for thinking that if you did “all the right things”, or at least tried to, while your kids were growing that you would miraculously end up with these perfect adults and then…ta-da, you’re done.

……….I’m over at the M.O.M. Initiative today talking about this, stop by and take a few minutes to find out what I’ve been learning along the way.

The MOM Initiative LOGO jpeg

The M.O.M. Initiative website exists as safe place to grow as a mother, to gain a better understanding of what a mother is and what a mother does and to foster and support mentor and mentee relationships. Along with practical tips, helpful tools, informative insight on current issues and godly wisdom on just about every aspect of a mother’s life, this website also offers a private chat room where a mom can connect with a ‘virtual’ mentor and find help in times of need.

The primary vision for The M.O.M. Initiative is that it not only be limited to those who enter the four walls of the church, but that it also be used to facilitate mentor relationships in homes for unwed mothers, in low income housing projects, apartment complexes, homeless shelters, prisons, juvenile shelters, schools, hospitals, the mission field and anywhere young mothers can be found. Planning guides for each of these venues will be available in the back of the book.

The M.O.M. Initiative is not just a book. It’s not just a website. IT’S A REVOLUTION!