Hope in Prayer

Ok, so there’s so much more to HOPE than meets the eye…there is a piece of it that can’t be explained, it can’t be measured, you just have it or you don’t. I am not sure if it comes in a small, medium, or large size (or, if you LOVE Starbucks as much as I do, it would be tall, grande, and venti sized)…but I am sure that there is a part of HOPE that is directly tied to prayer.

Today while I was in my quiet time this came to me, and it just seemed to fit my thoughts about HOPE.

HOPE is:

H – Hanging
O – On and
P – Praying
E – Expectantly

Today I received a beautiful email from a wonderful friend of mine and in it she talked about being scared, loosing HOPE and I wanted to share with you the nuggets she sent my way this morning…

“I’m human.. I am made of flesh and I got scared.. I lost my focus.. and I took my eyes off of Jesus and put them on myself and that left me hopeless.. then it dawned on me.. it is absolutely true that all of our hope is in Christ Jesus.. it is entirely true that we can do all things through Him.. it is vitally true that He will never leave me or forsake me.. and it is thankfully true that He loves me even in my shattered, hopeless state.. and is ready to scoop me up and allow me to rest in Him.. if I will just ask… “

~ I couldn’t have said it any clearer than that…thanks friend for your words of HOPE to all of us. So, there you have it…HOPE is there for you if you just ask…

One of my favorite verses is Matthew 21:22 and it says, “If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer.”

Man, is that just amazing…no matter what storms you are in the middle of this verse gives you HOPE…and, from what I have learned from this HOPE blog adventure is that we ALL need more HOPE!

The best way to get that kind of HOPE is to have a personal relationship with Jesus…

– if you do not already have that relationship and would like to have one it is super simple…all you have to do is say a prayer from your heart like this…

Father God, I feel hopeless in a world that feels like it is falling down around me. Father I have made so many mistakes and I know that I can’t do life without you. You are the way, the truth, and the life, and I want to start a new life with you right now, thank you for loving me the way you do. In Jesus Name, Amen.

…Here me on this…starting a relationship with Christ doesn’t make you perfect, it just means you are living for someone else…that your life is an opportunity to be more like Him.

– if you already have a relationship with Him, but have been sidelined with doubt and fear know that you are not hopeless…Psalms 25:5 says, “guide me in your truth and teach me, for you are God my Savior, and my hope is in you all day long.”

HOPE is a tricky thing, and I know that none of us are perfect…but…there is HOPE in prayer.


  1. I love your blog, it’s beautiful!!! Thank you for this, God really knows what we need and when we need it! Blessings to you!

  2. Hi Melissa:

    I really needed this today!!Thank you so much opening your heart to us. I have been listening to this song lately and has become my favorite one. I listen to it first thing in the morning and it helps me get through the day “My life is in you Lord, My strength is in you Lord my HOPE is in you Lord in You is in You” Luv ya! Juliana

  3. Hey, thanks so much for your kind words…I have been popping over your way these days, so it is great to see you here!

  4. HI Ms.Melissa:

    I hope your happpy today. I’ve really missed and so has my mom. I think what gets through the day is hope (like you put in your blog). Also that’s what gets me through my scool day/week/month/year is hope. like hoping I do well on a test or fcat or maybe even the small things like class work. I think that every day i’ll be hoping that God will protect me and get me through the day.
    your friend ,

  5. Hey Melissa,
    I just read your comment on one of my posts….I miss you too! I hope you and your family are doing well and maybe ill see you soon….God bless

  6. Caught up on your blogs from last week…glad to see you went back afer 4 years, sorry you are dealing with extra issues from the visit. Praying all results come back negative! Miss ya! Miss seeing the boys! Tell them hello!

  7. Cassidy…you represent all things good and sweet. Thank you so much sweetie for the wisdom you have shown in your post. You are a great girl!

  8. Marcy & Holly,

    I really loved being a part of team/family with you guys.

    Marcy…I love to watch how much you are so loving/gentle with your hubby…

    Holly…you are a good friend, and great chick! The kids are still there…they are on Sunday’s all day…we are still seeking in this.


  9. Melissa!!

    Your blog always reminds me of how fantastic God is and how thankful I am that He lets us do life with people that we love. It was so good to talk to you a couple of weeks ago – hope to talk to you again soon!

    Praying for “the girls!”

    I love you!

    Heather O.

  10. Melissa,

    I am sorry to hear you had to deal with some added stress but it just makes me remember that sometimes God gives us a “wake up call” when we forget to take care of ourselves. I’m praying that it will all turn out well. You have such an amazing heart and you give us all hope. Hang in there girl….there are amazing things waiting for you, just look up and you’ll see them!

    Kathy Herman

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