Thank you for your prayers…

You have NO idea how much we appreciate all your prayers, love, and support.

I am so truly blessed to have so many amazing bloggy buddies and prayer warriors. Nick is doing SO much better today. His nose (the bridge) is still very sore, but thankfully the blurry vision and dizziness has stopped.

We feel certain that he is going to be ok (we’ve gone through the ‘wait and see’ period) and aside from tenderness and headaches he should be back to normal within a couple of days. (Praise God!)

Thank you so much for being such godly women…your encouragement and support mean more to me than you could ever know.

My cup overflowth,


  1. I’m so glad he’s doing better. That is so scary when your kids go through something like that.

  2. Oh Melissa, I wish I’d popped by yesterday so I could have prayed for you and your son, too. I’m so glad to hear everything seems to be fine today ~ will pray about it anyway!!

  3. Hey girl, I did not work on the computer yesterday and I missed your post about your son. I’m sorry.

    Praise to God for working this out for you guys.

  4. I’m behin on my blog reading and read the post below. I can’t even imagine how scard you must have been. Glad to hear he is doing better.

  5. Wow, I’m just getting caught up and am so glad for the good prognosis! TAKE CARE!

  6. I know, I know…I’m saying it yet again…I’m playing “catch up” with my blog reading. It happens more often than I ever thought possible. But I’m not complaining though. My life is full and happy, so sometimes I get behind. But girl…! When you mentioned that Nick was better and thanking everyone for prayers, my heart sunk. I quickly read what happened. How scary. I’m so glad he’s okay. Hope you are too.


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